Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I LOVE these BOYS...

Here are our 2 adorable boys, who are learning to love and hug eachother a little more each day. They put eachother's hats on when we were getting ready to take them down to the river. Luke thinks he is such a big boy because Andrew shares his hat with him. They're GREAT!!!!

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My Hard Working Husband

We have been working on our floor for a couple weeks. I shouldn't say we, because it's mostly Andy. He, with the help of John and his friend Greg have removed all the lanolium, tile, and carpet. He has now been trying to remove all the paint that is on the cement, so that when we stain it, it looks nice. This is a near impossible task we are learning. Andy has tried everything people have told him to use, but the darn stuff just doesn't come up. He has just learned of another option, so hopefully some progress is made this weekend. We are now living on mostly cement floor, that is dusty and now sticky from the stuff we put on to remove the floor glue. We have a garage full of furniture and stuff that has been removed from the rooms. Our dinner table is now the boys little black table with two small chairs and a little bench. I need to get a picture, because I'm sure it's quite a site. We thought it would only be for a couple days, but we are going on week 3 with our minuture table. Hopefully we will have some posts soon of our progress and if not I'll send out some more pictures of my cute husband in his workers attire.
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An Afternoon at the River

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Auburn and let the boys run around by the river. It is beautiful scenery and they can throw all the rocks they want to. We enjoyed a little picnic and cookies. The boys loved it and mom enjoyed sitting back and watching her three boys just "be boys" .

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Adventure Christian PreSchool

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Watch Out World Here Comes Andrew Paul VandenAkker

Andrew had a wonderful first day of pre-school. He loved it. His favorite part was all the scooters and bikes on the playground. He made a new friend Jake and learned a new little song. He was most proud of the fact that he pulled his pants up all by himself when he went potty at school. He was so excited to tell daddy that he did it all by himself. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of our boy.

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One Crazy Pre-Schooler

Andrew was having a blast taking crazy pictures before school today. I think he was a little excited.
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Colorado Trip