Monday, April 20, 2009

Soccer Saturday for Luke

It was a HOT morning, but Luke endured his first soccer Saturday. He has been looking forward to this day for a while. His mind changed a little when we got to the field and he really did not want to play. Daddy and I took turns running out on the field with him, not what we were imagining when we decided not to sign up for the "mommy & me" class. The most exciting part was when he found a lady bug in the grass. He kept telling me that his soccer ball just wasn't going the right way today. Hopefully next week Luke will get some exercise and not just daddy and mommy. It's amazing how different your kids can be!!! Throughout the day Luke kept talking about how much fun he had at soccer...interesting!!! This little guy keeps up laughing and he has his ow way of doing things. He hates socks, so he wore no socks or shin guards to his game and he tried telling me when he was getting dressed that when his coaches called the house they said that players didn't have to wear underwear or a diaper....he also hates to wear underwear!!! Yes, we did make it wear it to his game though!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry no pictures......

you may notice my lack of pictures...well our brand new camera got in a little trouble last week and to make a long story short, it pretty much got run over by a car and doesn't work so well. Thankfully the Best Buy workers were awesome and let me buy the protection plan after the fact, but I have to wait 30 days to send the camera in. 30 DAYS...for me this is torture without my camera, but spending $35 was much better than another $180. I am borrowing cameras and stealing pictures from many people, so I will post as I can.

Easter Festivities

We started Easter festivities on Friday with our annual neighborhood egg hunt. We had about 20 kids hunting all over the street for eggs. We then enjoyed a pizza picnic and the kids played outside until it got dark. It was a great night and as always we love our neighbors!!!
Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday and the kids had another egg hunt. The boys are at a fun age and are totally convinced that the "bunny" kept finding them to hide the eggs. Andrew is an intense hunter and it literally out of breath running around. Luke likes to open each egg as he hunts and checks out the treats inside. The excitement level when they see the eggs is nothing but hilarious. The kids also got showered with many Easter treats from great grandma, grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Emmie and Uncle Gary.
Sunday morning we went to church and the boys sang "Ho Ho Ho Hosanna" on stage. After church we drove to Merced to be with Andy's family. We had a yummy lunch and dinner and the kids did another egg hunt. Pake wins the prize for hiding the eggs the best. Even the adults could not find them. We went to the zoo and a little park that has rides. The boys loved it!!! It was a very nice day with the VandenAkker family.
We are a blessed family and are so thankful for Easter. Little Allie had a wonderful first Easter and looked darling in her little green dress. My favorite quote from the Easter weekend came from Lukey. On Friday Andy was asking them about going to Good Friday service and Luke says (in his serious matter of fact way), "Dad are we going to heaven, or are we just going to church." Love this kids comments!!!

Happy Birthday Mom

Saturday was my mom's birthday. It was a milestone birthday for her, so we wanted to really celebrate her!!! We had a brunch in the morning with all the grand kids and then all the adults went to dinner in downtown on Saturday night. It was great to have everyone together to celebrate our mom!!! She is amazing and we love her so much. Happy Birthday Mom and Grammie!!!

Baseball "Go Warriors"...

We have had some fun baseball games this season and The Warriors are quite the team. Andrew had a great game last week and earned the game ball which was signed by all the coaches. He hit a triple and was recognized for his great hit. He was beaming with excitement and we were very proud of him. We have family shirts that say Warriors and have Andrew's number on the back. When we have a working camera I will post our latest family picture. I love these pictures with his cousin Ben...they are quite the little men!!!