Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Vacation to Disneyland...

We just got home from a great three day vacation to Disneyland. We had a very special time together and it was fun to take the boys to such a happy place. Andrew loved the characters and being able to see where they all live. His face was full of smiles the entire time. Luke did not enjoy the characters and the poor boy was so nervous around them. Luckily we found some rides and play areas that he really enjoyed and cheered him up. We stayed in a hotel near the park, so we just had to walk back and forth. The boys loved swimming at the hotel pool, despite the rather cool temperatures. Daddy was thrilled to go swimming in the cool water as well. Mommy went swimming the first day, but since she couldn't sit in the spa (which is where the boys hung out most the time) she just decided to watch. The boys got new suitcases from Grandma before we left and these were probably one of the highlights of the trip for them. They were so excited to wheel their suitcases into the hotel. The chatted about it in the car the whole way down to LA. We took lots of pictures, there is a slideshow below with some of our favorites. We enjoyed spoiling the boys a little and letting them get some special treats at the park. You'll see in the pictures the hats they picked out to buy. Andrew wanted to classic baseball cap with the sunglasses that velcro to the top. He wore that hat with pride and thinks he is a cool kid with those glasses on. Luke went with the classic Mickey ears. We also let them pick something out from the huge Disney store. Luke wanted a little stuffed Donald because that is his favorite and Andrew wanted a big stuffed Minnie Mouse. He chose Minnie because at home he has a big Mickey and two little ones, so he felt that they needed a mommy Minnie, so he bought Minnie Mouse. He was probably the only boy in the park carrying around a large Minnie Mouse, but he sure loves her. We had many good laughs during our trip and enjoyed seeing the boys have so much fun and experience such excitement.
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Disneyland Fun...Sorry it may be Slow...


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Happy Valentines Day...

On Valentine's Day we celebrated by having a party in Andrew's pre-school class. We had yummy snacks and made some Valentine crafts. The boys then surprised Daddy at work with Cold Stone ice cream, of course they got to get some blue bubblegum ice cream as well. In the evening we had a fancy family dinner when Daddy got home from work. We set the table with fancy plates and napkins. The boys got to eat off of glass plates and use our glass wine glasses. We ate by the candlelight together. The boys thought it was great. We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Love YOU...T.T.

Today is our aunt T.T.'s birthday. We wanted everyone to know how much we love her and how special she is to us. She is the greatest!!! We hope you have a special day today T.T. We are so excited to see you very soon to celebrate with you and give you lots of hugs and kisses. We made a little slide show of all our favorite times with you. We hope you enjoy it. The boys each told me their favorite thing about we go.
Andrew loves going to the park with you and
Luke loves Jesse
We love you and Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Auntie....