Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mommy's Baby is off to School...

Andrew starts pre-school on Tuesday morning. Today we were able to go meet his teacher and see his classroom. I can't believe it is already time for school. He was just my little baby. Andrew was excited and did very well in his class. He was a little shy, but I'm sure he will get over that. He packed his backpack early this morning with lots of toys. Of course he choose the backpack that is as big as he is and he can hardly pick-up. Luckily I convinced him to leave it in the car because it would have filled up his cubby and three other kids cubbies as well. I had his teacher explain to him that he should only bring a tiny little bag with him and that his toys should stay at home. Hopefully come Tuesday morning he remembers this. He got all dressed up and wore his new big boy flip flops. Yesterday he colored a whole packet full of pictures for his teacher. He was very excited to give them to her when he met her. He also wrote her a little note. I typed it as he told me what to write. The only thing he wanted to ask his teacher was if she liked Diego and Dora. She loved the letter and the pictures. I am sure that you will be seeing many more posts from the pre-school days. Check back next week for pictures from his first day. Enjoy all of the pictures from today. There are quite a few, so you have to scroll down the blog for a while.
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Andrew's Classroom

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Classroom time...

The boys were able to spend time in their classrooms. They met their teachers and were able to play with all the toys. Their classrooms are amazing and filled with so many toys and activities.

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Playground time at school

The boys were able to spend some time on the playground at school today. They love it. My favorite picture is of Andrew and Ben walking out to the playground together for the first time holding hands. They are definately Best Buddies.

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Construction ZONE...Read the post below first

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So we decided to rip up our kitchen floor last week...We are going to put some new carpet in the family room that was given to us by my parents because they are remodeling, so we decided that with new carpet a new kitchen floor would also be nice. Little did we know the project we were embarking on. The lanolium (Sorry if it is mispelled) is the hardest thing in the world to rip up. Luckily with the help of our brother-in-law John all the floor has been ripped up. We are now going to attempt to stain the cement in the kitchen and hallway. We'll hopefully have some pictures soon of the finished project, but don't hold your breath for them, it could be a couple weeks.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So handsome...are we ready for preschool or the high school prom ?
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This past weekend we traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan for cousin Kurt's wedding. We were able to see a lot of family from both of our sides. It's always good to see family. Andrew was the bell ringer in the wedding. He was adorable. We stayed with Aunt Therese and had a great time visiting with her. The boys think basements are really cool and a great place to play. We traveled with my parents, my sister, and cousins Ben and Heidi. Four kiddos on the, that was a great time!!! They were troopers though. We flew to Chicago and then we drove through Illinois and Indiana to get to Michigan. It was quite the adventure. We all agree they have way too many McDonalds out there and not enough Starbucks.
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Monday, August 20, 2007


Andrew loves fire trucks and thinks that firemen are really cool. Aunt T.T. and Jesse took him and Ben on a trip to the fire station. He was more hesitant to jump up in the big truck once he stood next to it, but he did enjoy wearing the fireman hat. I love these pictures of him!!! He's a cutie.
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday SIS!!!

On Sunday we surprised my sister Jenell for her 30th. We picked her up in a party bus and then went wine tasting in Amador. We finished off the day with a delicious dinner together. It was great to have our whole family together and be able to celebrate with Jenell. Thanks to Oma and Susan for watching our kiddos.
OK, I am slowly figuring out the slide show world. Sorry this one is so long. There is music set to it so make sure your volume is turned on. Enjoy!!

Birthday Extravaganza