Sunday, February 15, 2009

Luke's One Liners...a few new ones

We love our little guy and he says some funny things...he has a sweet little voice, but says everything so matter of fact, which makes his statements even funnier. I need to start writing down the things he says, because they usually give me a really good laugh. Here are a couple of his latest...

mommy, "yeah, the rain has stopped, let's go outside for some fresh air and get some exercise."
luke, "no mom, I'm going to stay inside"
mommy, "I'd really like you to come outside and get some exercise with us (we've been in the house for a whole week now)"
luke, "I'll just run on the treadmill for some exercise"

after I find Luke throwing the whole basket of Allie's burp clothes in her crib (in his excited and giddy voice)
"just havin' a party in here mom"
(***this boy is beginning to make me worry with the amount of parties he is always having)

in a discussion with daddy about spraying water down the driveway so it freezes during the night, daddy said that it wasn't cold enough but Luke thought otherwise....
" don't even worry dad, I'll do it for ya, don't even worry"

"mom, that fly is so damaged on our back window"

one of my favorites....after I found him throwing cereal mix all over the back seat of the car...
"sorry mom, I was just having a party." when we finished picking up the disaster he says, "yep mom, that was sure a fun party." (yes, Luke it was super fun to throw food all over and then dig it out of the car seats!!!!

he calls Andrew "buddy" or "bud" repeatedly throughout out the day and he calls Allie "baby girl" "precious girl" all day long

he likes to call the potty the "pot"...he always says, "just put it in the pot mom"

These are just a few that I remember, but I'm sure there will be more to come, as long as I can remember them long enough to post them. Our Lukey is also making strides from the last post I made about him and his mischief. I'm hoping that we are coming out of the phase we were in.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt TT

We took Aunt TT on a hiking adventure yesterday for her birthday. It was a little rainy out, but of course the boys had a blast. We packed lunch and went on a little trail near one of the boy's favorite parks. It was great to have Uncle Jesse along to help the boys explore. Allie enjoyed watching and eating her puffs. She is so adorable in her pink beenie!!! Happy Birthday Auntie..thanks for being an amazing sister and aunt!! We love you!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lake Day with Aunt T.T.

My sister is living back here in Rocklin and the boys are in heaven. She is so good with the kids and constantly is doing things with them. Last Saturday she took them on an adventure to Folsom Lake (which really isn't a lake right now because of water shortage). They played in the mud, collected hundreds of shells, helped aunt T.T. get out of the mud she was stuck in, and played with cousins. The boys had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it. We can't wait for uncle Jesse to be here to go adventuring with, I'm afraid I might never see my boys, especially Andrew. They love being crazy and exploring. Thanks T.T. for another fun day.

Look out BROTHERS here I come...

Allie is starting to really move, I wouldn't say that we officially a crawler, but she is very close. The boys don't know what's about to hit them...all those toys they line up and play with so nicely will soon be destroyed by little sister. She loves playing with their car garage. She will sit for a long time moving the cars and putting toys on all the different levels. When she gets a couple minutes to herself, she really enjoys it. Those brothers are always hugging, kissing, squeezing, pulling on, and surrounding her. I can't believe that she is already 8 months old!!

Things our son LUKE likes to do these days....

Luke is 3 and is quite the little man. He keeps us laughing despite all the mischief he gets into. Here are some of the tings he enjoys these days...
1) wearing little to no clothing, I have to beg for him to at least wear underwear around the house
2) when he does need to put on clothes, he enjoys choosing his outfit (always a lovely match :) and he can take a good 30 minutes to get dressed
3) he likes to do everything "by myself"
4) he is newly potty trained and he often enjoys going pee in random places, these are some of the places we have caught him...standing with the backdoor open peeing outside, Allie's pack & play, standing in Allie's crib peeing over the side onto the carpet (he missed her bedding, which was the only positive), in the middle of the street on his Diego motorcycle, and right in the middle of the park multiple times (I let the boys go outside, but I always tell them to find a secret bush, Luke has no intention to go and hide, he just pulls his pants down for all to see)...we are working on this problem!!!
5) Makes mommy get many looks and comments from other parents because....he wears a wife beater to Andrew's pre-school when it is 30 degrees outside, forgets his shoes at home and has to pick Andrew up at school with no shoes on, throws his shoe in the car and it landed in one of my student's boxes of books which was delivered to the student so he had to wear one shoe into our school office and to McDonalds for lunch in the rain, insists on wearing flip flops to the grocery store and Nordstrom which began hurting his feet so he was walking around Nordstrom with no shoes on and on top of it he kept calling it Wallmart not Nordstrom (the Nordy's ladies gave quite the looks at my homeless looking boy).....I was trying the whole natural consequences with him, but these things really don't bother him, so I have to come up with a new approach
6) Luke enjoys to squeeze any type of tube onto random furniture or the wall, for example....desitin, neosporin, lotion, more lotion (how high do I have to keep my darn lotion), ear drops
7) See pictures above...he sleeps so randomly, I found him the other day in Allie's crib with only underwear on, his clothes on the floor, the diaper bag emptied, and blankets all over...this is a common scene during naptime
8) He is a very pokey boy when it comes to getting in and out of the car, as if he doesn't take long enough he now likes to seat belt in his 2 CareBears everytime we go somewhere...add 10 more minutes onto getting into the car!
9) he likes to help himself to the pantry and snacks, filling up bowls, leaving messes, filling up cups from the water spout on the fridge, leaving more messes
10) He loves to play "I Spy my little eye" but he always chooses the color dark green, but then changes it to dark blue and gets mad because no one can guess what he is talking about..he wants to play at least a couple times a day!!
We are in a PHASE......hopefully
we love our little guy and thankfully he is so darn cute...we're currently deciding what thing to tackle first, hopefuly he'll outgrown a couple things very soon!!