Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a lovely Easter this year. After a wonderful church service and walking through a Journey to the Cross simulation, we headed to grandpa and grandma's house for the afternoon. We enjoyed lots of yummy food, an egg hunt, and some relaxing time together. The sun finally decided to come out in the afternoon, so the kids enjoyed the spa and a bit of the pool. Aunt Diana was with us this year and we had a great time with her!

Eatser Morning

Just a few pictures of my sweet kiddos when they woke up Easter morning to find their baskets. They all got a new book, a reading light, and some dive toys for the pool.

A Creative Last Supper and Egg Dye

So...on Saturday of spring break we headed over to Folsome Lake for a little hike. We met up with TT and she joined us. The kids had planned a Last Supper as part of our Easter events week. We were a little off on our days, but we thought we would do it anyways. The kids planned the meal and Andrew wrote out the menu. I packed the lunch and we enjoyed it down by the lake. We also took our Easter Eggs to the lake to dye. We carried them out in a basket and the kids enjoyed dying them in the sand. It was great to have the mess at the lake. We had some interesting looking eggs, but the dying was done. It was a great morning and as always my kids love getting out to explore and be in nature!

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Our annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt and Pizza dinner was successful. Friday night we gathered and the kids went hunting. They are getting a bit older because a bunch of them helped us hide the eggs, but then still enjoyed the hunt. We served pizza afterwards and the kids had a blast playing out in the street. My boys were very excited about helping hide the eggs. They woke up super early Saturday morning and got changed to go search outside for some eggs they think were not found. They didn't find anymore eggs, but they were adorable hunting around together for what they thought were their secret eggs. We had a wonderful evening with friends and we treasure these special times in our neighborhood!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


When you are 6 1/2 just holding your Easter basket is no longer cool to's much more fun to make it into an army hat and pretend your hockey stick is a gun. Luke joined in as well, but didn't want to get in a picture. Guess my days of little boys in cute outfits holding their little Easter baskets is over :(

Spring Break 2011

We stayed home this year for spring break and did some fun things throughout the week. Aunt Diana was at our house for the week as well. Andrew had a giant playdate with 10 boys (it was a crazy scooter, soccer, snack eating day), we went to a fun spring event at church, drove up to Placerville and went to the Folsom zoo, and hung out with friends at the park for a BBQ. Although the week went by fast, it was nice to be home together and not have too much of a schedule.

Palm Sunday

This year our great friend Christina put together a week long activity that led up to Easter Sunday. She gave ideas of things to do each day of the week that symbolized the week leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection. We enjoyed doing things with the kids that taught them more about Resurrection week. (thanks Christina) On Palm Sunday we made palm leaves and the kids decorated our dinner table. After dinner they wanted to have daddy ride their stuffed animal dogs into the family room so they could wave the palm branches at him. Daddy...being the good sport that he is, came trotting into the family room and the kids waved palm branches at him and yelled, Hosanna, Hosanna." It was very cute!! We had a fun week celebrating!!

Girls Night

The first Friday of spring break daddy took the boys on a "Boys Only" camping trip. They headed up to Rollins lake to have some quality boy time around the campfire and fishing. I love my hubby for all the cute ideas he had to do with our boys. He wants to make this a tradition that they do together.
Allie and I stayed home and grabbed a quick dinner, bought a new princess movie, painted nails (and feet, if you are Allie doing my nails), and snuggles together. The next morning we did a garage sale with the neighbors. I had a great time with just my girl doing girl things. She was very excited to watch princesses and paint nails together. I treasure these times for both Andy and I with our kids!!

1st Grade SPRING Party

The Friday before spring break I planned a SPRING SCAVENGER HUNT for Mrs. Gack's class. Andrew was very excited to share our family fun scavenger hunt ideas with his class. The kids got together in teams and each team had a fun name. Each team was given clues inside colored easter eggs that lead them all over campus. The kids were so excited to run around campus to find their treasures. We ended the hunt having a picnic in the quad area of the school. The kids enjoyed some spring time treats, fruit, and lemonade. It was a fun day with the first graders and kinders at Ruhkala.