Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tomorrow is the day that I enter into the world of a 30 year old!!!! This weekend my family threw me a very fun party. Toni and Jesse hosted the party at their house. It was so fun to be surrounded by family and friends to celebrate my BIG DAY. My sisters and mom did a great job with decorations and displaying old photos. Everything was perfect!!! It was fun to be in a house full of friends who all have little kids. I think it took us a while to figure out how to all hang out without our kids. We had a great time dancing, eating, drinking margaritas (my favorite), and playing "the red cup" game. Toni brought out so much "old" music, which was great. Some New Kids on the Block, Tiffany, and many other favorites from our growing up years. It got a little crazy at the end!! It was a BLAST!!! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband, loving family and such supportive friends. I'm not too nervous about this whole "30" thing, but am looking forward to this new phase of life.

Rainy Night with Friends

The other night the DeJongs came over to have popcorn and watch a show. They all looked so cute in their PJs. After they left Andrew made a heart out of their stuffed snakes and he used a bunch of little toys to spell out "MOM" on the inside. He is so cute!!! He melts my heart.

love this smile!!!!

The Boys 1st Scavenger Hunt

The other night I took the boys on a picture scavenger hunt. We had been in the house all week due to sickness and rain, so I thought it would be fun to do something different. I typed out a bunch of clues. We drove to a couple different places and they had to take a bunch of pictures with certain things. They had a great time and especially loved getting frozen yogurt to finish off our hunt. Thanks to daddy for staying home with Allie who was being very fussy and wouldn't have been a lot of fun on our hunt.


We are just recovering from the worst bought of sickness we have ever had in our house. Last Friday Luke started with a fever and 9 days later, we are all almost healthy. Everyone but Andrew was very sick with fevers, coughs, and head colds. We finally got antibiotics last week to help us out. Thankfully it was a very cold and stormy week, so we didn't feel as bad staying indoors. We had a lot of cuddle days. I never like when my kids are sick, but I do love the extra cuddles I get when they don't feel well. This was our cute medicine basket that I had on the counter all week. Might as well make all that medicine look organized and cute!! We are so glad to be feeling better and we were so blessed last week by family, friends, and neighbors who helped out, made us food, and called to check in on us.
The pictures at the bottom are from a day that Luke and I built his train. He set up all his dogs to watch the train. He is so cute and makes me laugh a lot.