Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our BOY turns 6...

How is this boy already 6? It goes by way too fast. Andrew had a Glow in the Dark party with his friends this year. It was a Friday night party at our house. We covered all the windows and made the front room year dark. We had glow stuff all over, black lights, and disco lights. It was quite the "crazy" party. 26 kids in one room that is dark and has crazy lights going makes for a little chaos. The kids had a blast, but mommy was wondering what in the world was going through my head when I planned this party. Andrew had a great time celebrating with his friends. My favorite part of his party was watching him open his gifts. He has learned in kindergarten this year that it is polite to read the card first. He took his time with each present and read the card first. He was so cute and thoughtful with his gifts. On his actual birthday we opened gifts in the morning, he went to school, we had dinner of his choice which was cereal and eggs (mommy lucked out0, and then we went to frozen yogurt with grandpa, grandma, and aunt Jamey. We love our 6 year old Andrew!!!

I just LOVE hanging with daddy and mommy...

I love when I get daddy and mommy all to myself when brothers are at school. We have a great time shopping and hanging out!!!

Luke's "meatball"

Last week in the craziness of our week (planning three parties in 3 days) Luke discovered a bump on his chest. Thursday afternoon we were decorating for Andrew's party and he said, "mom, I feel a bump on this side, but not the other." When he lifted up his shirt I was amazed at what I saw. We quickly got to the pediatrician and he got us into a dermatologist for Friday morning. Luke was convinced he has just swallowed a meatball. He even told the doctor that. On Friday the dermatologist wanted to remove it, so Luke was so brave and had them remove it right then. They numbed it and then cut it out. Mommy had to hide under the paper cover with Luke beacuse I was getting sick to my stomach. He cried for a second, but then stayed relaxed the whole time. He has about 8 stitches that he is taking very good care of. We are waiting on results of the "meatball" they removed.

End of STINGER Season...

Our baseball season ended this past week. Our last game got rained out (very fitting for our season of crazy cool weather). On our last Saturday game Lukey got the game ball. He never made it up to bat this year, but went out in the field every inning with daddy...maybe next year :) We had our team party at a local park and endured the freezing wind. The kids all got their trophies, so they were happy. We love baseball, but are excited for summer Saturdays to begin!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congratulations Uncle Paul!!!

We enjoyed celebrating Uncle Paul's graduation from Point Loma University this past weekend. We are so proud of him, and I can't believe he is already out of college. I remember driving him to pre-school with his giant yellow bucket not too long ago. The ceremony overlooked the ocean, and as always we enjoyed the beautiful views from the campus. After the ceremony we went to Paul's house and had a party with his friends and all the families. His house is on the boardwalk in Mission Beach, so the kids loved playing in the sand, jumping on his giant raft, eating Cheetos, and finding seashells. We ended the night watching the fireworks from Sea World. Andrew asked Uncle Paul if he ordered the fireworks. It was a special evening and we are so glad that we could spend it with Paul!!!

our little runner

My kiddos posing in the tree

We love Grams!!!

the whole gang

Uncle Paul's house

someone enjoyed her the end of the night this girl's dress was grey

..thanks for looking kiddos...