Monday, March 30, 2009

Allie is 10 months and CUTER THAN EVER

We can't believe our little princess is already 10 months. She is crawling all over and standing up. She really really wants to play with her brothers. She will scream and throw a small fit when she can't get down and crawl around with them. She loves to read. She will sit with a book and chatter is very cute. She has recently started smiling for me when I take her picture (finally one kiddo who enjoys getting her picture taken). She loves to eat "big people" food. She is almost able to feed herself completely and she is very proud. Allie is still "daddy's girl" She waves really cute and she always says "DaDaDa" when she waves. She gets so excited when she sees him, her little face and really her entire body lights up. I love it!!! She is great and we are so blessed...we love you little Allie girl!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An extra blessing for the weekend...

The boy’s baseball game was canceled, so our wonderful friends decided to surprise Andy and remove “the beast” from our backyard. The “beast” is this bush that is very nice, but getting way too big. Andy had started taking it out, but hadn’t got around to finishing it. It was huge and so thick. Mark had the idea to try and get it out before Andy got home, he was determined. Mark went and rented a hedge trimmer and Mike brought over his axe. They got it all out and filled up 3 green trash cans from around the neighborhood. All the kids played in the yard. Andrew found a new seat on the fence to watch the neighbors on their dirt bikes. He was so cute just perched up on the fence watching them. We ended the evening with pizza, salad, and cookies. Thanks guys for completing a “big project” for us and for keeping us company while daddy is gone.

ROCKLIN Pony Baseball...OPENING DAY!!!

Our little man...can't believe he's already a t-ball player...We love you #11

The Warriors

Andrew and Hunter always being silly

Coach Mark with Andrew and Spencer

Andrew going to claim his award

Andrew being introduced

Cousins...Ben and Andrew

Andrew and Spencer..Andrew is looking pretty tough...

Mommy with her baseball player

The Baseball Season officially kicked off today. The Warriors have started their season!!! We started off with pictures early this morning. Let’s start by saying that yesterday was a warm 70 degrees and felt awesome. This morning was absolutely freezing and windy. We were miserable waiting for pictures out on the field. Thankfully grandma came and rescued Allie.
We headed back to the field later in the morning for opening ceremonies. All the player’s names got called and they got to run the bases. “Number 11, Andrew Vanden Akker,” was a proud mommy moment. Andrew came running out with so much gusto. He gets so excited and runs super fast and very intense. He was also the first one to win a raffle prize and he sprinted (no exaggeration) up to receive his gift card for the batting cages. Daddy is in Colorado with his sister, so we videotaped it all for him.
Their game was scheduled for the afternoon, but the raining started about an hour before game time, so it got canceled. It ended up being a nice afternoon after our short rain shower. Andrew was pretty sad. He said, “I can’t believe God would let it rain on my baseball day.” We decided it was better though because then daddy didn’t miss his first game after all. Luke kept saying how sad he was because all he wanted to do was go see Andrew hit the ball…he’s Andrew’s #1 fan!! It was a baseball filled day. We look forward to a great season with the mighty Warriors.

Twin Day

Andrew had twin day at school this past week. He dressed up with his friend Jake in their Incredible Hulk shirts. They thought they were “big stuff” and were more than excited to look like each other.

Ready for a Drive.....

Allie and Austin are best little buddies. They spent many hours outside in the front yard watching the kids play. They are both finally big enough for their big red cars. They sit in them together and watch all the action. They can't wait to get in on the action themselves, but for know they look pretty content. I love Austin's expressions in these pictures. I feel like he's saying "come on babe, you ready to go for a little drive."

Samantha Lynn

Samantha Lynn Pelton
March 13, 2009 - March 17, 2009

Our precious niece and cousin is now living peacefully in heaven with Jesus. Her time was short here on earth but we feel blessed to have met her, kissed her, and loved her. We can't wait to meet her again some day. Her life has already proven to affect others and we can't wait to see what the Lord has planned through this precious girl's life. We love you Sam!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Allie in RED!!!

Grandma got Allie this adorable dress, so we just had to take some pictures. She is too CUTE!!!

This is her intense smile/excitement look....

Our Brave BOY!!!

Andrew had his 5 SHOTS for kindergarten the other day. I tried to make it a little bit of fun, so when the boys woke up I said that we were going to take one of their stuffed animal friends on some adventures. They choose their friend, got dressed quickly, buckled their friends in the car, and then took them to Panera for bagels. All was well at this time, next stop was the doctors...let's just say that we made it through the appointment thanks to the help from grandma and auntie T.T. We went to donuts afterward (yes, we had just had bagels, but whatever helped). Our adventures about ended there and we came to rest on the couch. OUr boy was so brave and now he is ready for KINDERGARTEN!!!

The Way this GIRL RIDES!!!!

Luke's Party with his friends

The other morning Luke set up a birthday party for his stuffed animal friends. He was very excited to set up all the plates and napkins on his bed for them. He is such a little busy body around the house, especially when Andrew is at school, he just pokes around with me and finds little things like this to do.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keeping Busy at T-Ball Practice

Luke and Abigail keep busy at t-ball practice by digging through Allie's diaper is what they found yesterday.


Just some cute pictures of Allie in a darling dress some friends gave us...mommy loves to dress her girl up!!!!!

Beautiful Trees...Spring is coming...

I love these little red leafed this time of year they are covered in tiny pink flowers and all the new leaves are sprouting. There are hundreds of these trees in our neighborhood and around town. They are just beautiful!!! We love to look at them and we enjoy the couple in our own backyard. It is a great sign to us that Spring is on it's way!!!

A Day with Uncle Jesse

Uncle Jesse took the boys to the park and on a hiking adventure Saturday morning. Daddy was still out of town, so the boys enjoyed some boy time with their uncle. They were so excited when he called that they got ready immediately and waited by the front window. They were both excited to show him their new shoes. Andrew is very proud of his "Sketchers". Luke got a pair of his favorite "Vans". Luke also brought along his doggie and Douglas the monkey. He was trying out the new camera and took about 20 pictures of these two guys sitting in the front window.