Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday LUKEY JAMES!!!!

Our little Lukey is 3 today....he is a funny boy and keeps us laughing all the time. He is a very thoughtful boy and has such a loving spirit...besides the cutest smile and sparkling brown eyes you've ever seen. He loves his little sister "Als" and is always hugging her, kissing her, laying on her lap, and assuring his "honey" that everything is alright. He is a tough boy who is always on his big brother's heels. Luke always asks Andrew about his day at school and makes sure that all his friends were there. On Christmas Eve when we were tucking Luke in bed he said, "I hope Santa brings Andrew a toy ambulance, because he really wants one"....he is honestly always thinking of others and is very kind.
We celebrated his birthday earlier in the month with his friends, so today we had donuts for breakfast, opened a couple gifts, and then had Costco pizza for lunch. Our family is coming over for cupcakes and ice cream tonight to celebrate. One of Luke's favorite gifts was a Spiderman bath set, which they played with in the bath this you can see in the pictures, they were crazy scientists in the bath tub making potions. He also loved his Lightning McQueen sleeping bag, which he let Allie sit on most the morning.
We love you Luke and you bring us so much joy...
Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy

Daddy turned 30 the day after Christmas...we got him some new snow clothes, so we packed up and thought we would head to the snow for the day. We didn't get too far when we ran into a huge traffic jam because of chain control. There has been so much snow lately that the roads were still kinda a mess, so we made a u-turn and found a park up in Auburn. The boys played and we had our picnic lunch. We found some ice on the play equipment, so that was the extent of our snow. We all took very much needed naps in the afternoon and then took daddy to dinner and frozen yogurt. Luke talked all day about what kind of party daddy wanted. He finally decided on a batman party and the little party planner Luke asked countless you want balloons daddy?, do you want a bounce house?, do you want cake?....
We love you daddy so much and we are so thankful for you and the way that you love us and take such good care of each of us.

Merry Christmas Mommy....

My precious Andrew..........Christmas night after we got home from Merced, the kids had fallen asleep in the car and as Andy and I were carrying them in the house Andrew came in his room half asleep and started taking all his stuffed animals out of his little red toy box. When he got to the bottom he pulled out all these little cut out flowers that he had made my about a month ago. He had been keeping them safe in his toy box and he even got really upset one day when his friends were playing in there because he thought that his gift for me was going to get ruined. He was half asleep but was so proud to give them to me and say "Merry Christmas Mommy I made these for you." I of course started crying as I tucked him in bed and gave him his Merry Christmas kiss goodnight. He has such a tender little heart that sometimes gets tucked behind his energy and excitement. Thanks Andrew...mommy loves your very thoughtful gift!!

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas
Our three precious kiddos were up by 6:30a.m. and we began opening gifts and playing with new toys while it was still dark outside. Allie's 1st Christmas was full of pulling on and eating tissue paper and having more than enough help opening her gifts. She is a little doll!! Santa brought the boys a wooden car garage and daddy and mommy got them new bikes..."with pegs that you can do tricks on" they will tell you!! They love everything.... even the chocolate snowmen in their stockings get a cheer of excitement. After gifts we had a nice breakfast together, slipped outside between the rain for a little bike ride and hockey, and then got ready to drive to Pake and Oma's house for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately we forgot our camera battery at home, so we did not get any pictures of our time with Andy's family in Merced. We enjoyed another one of Oma's great meals and were able to spent time with all our aunts and uncles.

Christmas Eve Day at Grandpa & Grandma's

We spent Christmas Eve day with my parents and family. The kids colored some pictures and made goodies that we dropped off at nursing home in the morning and then we headed to grandpa and grandma's house to have lunch, open gifts, and just hang out and play. It was a very rainy day, but the boys slipped outside for a quick game of hockey with their new sticks and nets. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church that evening. It was a beautiful service and then we hung out for a while after and the boys did a couple crafts, saw the animals and live nativity set, and we went on a horse and carriage ride. Off to home we went to get Santa's cookie ready, reindeer food sprinkled (we poured enough sparkly oatmeal in our front yard this year to feed 100 reindeer), and cozy Christmas PJ's on. The boys were so excited this year about all the little things. We are really trying to treasure these times with them, because we know as they get older the excitement level changes and sprinkling reindeer food in the front yard for the 10th time of the season is no longer on the list of things to do.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank You T.T. & Uncle Jesse

We LOVE our dancing smowmen

Christmas Tree Campout

Sunday night I had a camp out with the boys and cousin Ben by the Christmas tree. Daddy did this last year with Andrew, so we thought we'd keep the tradition going. The boys set up camp with at least 20 blankets, sleeping bags, and Andrew's friends (his stuffed animals). He placed them all under the tree and snuggled up next to them and the presents. We watched a movie, had hot chocolate and cookies, read books, told stories, and we were "silly" as the boys put it. At about 9:15 Luke decided that his bed would be more comfortable, so he headed down the hall and snuggled up in his bed (my kind of boy). Andrew, Ben, and I snuggled by the tree and I think by about 10:30 we were all sleeping. The boys stayed by the tree all night and in the morning we watched cartons, had cinnamon rolls and smoothies, and then went to the gym to play soccer and basketball. We had a great time with our cousin and enjoying the Christmas season.

Mommy's Running Partner

Allie likes going on runs with mommy...Saturday morning we bundled up and went on a great run in the beautiful crisp weather. She is sitting all by herself now and is very happy doing it.