Friday, April 18, 2008

A Quick Sneak Peak...

Here are a couple of the hundreds of pictures that we took today. There are so many great ones, it was hard to choose a couple to post. The boys were little cowboys, but really didn't want much to do with pictures. They just wanted to tromp through the weeds, play on the playground, look for gophers, and cry about boots falling off. Thanks to Christina, she captured some great shots of them though. Andrew wore his white tank in some pictures, but after many battles, I let him wear his 'army' shirt for some of the pictures. He tried convincing me that cowboys really do wear these kinds of shirts. He still makes a pretty cute cowboy!!

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All this for Little Sister...

Our great friend Christina took some fun pictures of us today for baby sister's room. Thank you Christina for enduring the many bugs and the grumpiness that you endured for these pictures. You're the best!! The baby's room is a cowgirl theme so I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of the boys dressed as cowboys to hang on her wall. We borrowed Uncle Paul's cowboy attire and the boys loved knowing they were wearing uncle Paul's hats and boots. We were definately having a very difficult afternoon, so I was a little nervous going into pictures, put we ended up with some great shots, that capture my ever growing belly and the boys and thier little personlalities. Andy wins the best dad award though...I made him wear Paul's cowboy hat for a bunch of pictures, which is a little out of his element, but he was a trooper. So for those of you who may think he has turned cowboy, he hasn' was just his wife wanting some cute pictures for our little girl's bedroom. Sorry my computer won't flip the bottom pictures!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Soccer Saturdays Begin....

Andrew had his first day of soccer yesterday. He has been looking forward to it for some time. This is his first year where he gets to be on his own a little and dad and mom don't have to do everything with him. He is playing with his buddy Spencer, who lives across the street from us. Andrew insisted on wearing his Michigan jersey (which uncle Ryan and aunt Christy gave him when he was about 18 months old, hence the size). He is very proud of this, and of course his dad is too. This little guy has a great competative spirit (wonder where he gets it from?) and plays with some serious intensity. We enjoy our Saturday mornings out at the field with friends and grandpa and grandma. This boys never lacks a good cheering section.

Andrew takes off for their first warm up Andy yells from the sidelines "Go Blue" Andrew face plants into the grass. Of course he popped back up and finished his run, still managing to be one of the first kiddos to the cone.
Look at that stride...he managed to be the first kid to the cone three out of the four times, not that we were counting or anything....oh our lucky kids to have two very competative parents when it comes to sports!!!
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Luke Loves Soccer Too...

Luke gets just as excited as Andrew does for Soccer Saturdays. He picked out one of Andrew's soccer jerseys and some soccer shorts so he would be ready to play. He gets out there and kicks the ball around and then ends up chasing grandpa around the baseball diamond and wrestling with daddy. It won't be long before he will be playing too and we'll be spending a good portion of our Saturdays at the soccer field.

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Andrew's Quotes of the Day...

Andrew was full of great quotes today. Here are our favorites...
"I'm waiting for the summertime to eat my banana." (the boy hasn't touched a banana since he was about 1 year old)
"I'm growing bigger daddy because I'm getting hair in my nose."

He's great and is always making us laugh!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My New Conclusions about our LITTLE GIRL...

I haven't posted much about our new little girl who will be joining us soon, so I thought I'd update you on her. My belly is growing rapidly (only about 7 more weeks). I will post pictures of my belly and her adorable cowgirl bedroom very soon. We are almost done getting her room ready. Daddy has worked very hard to make his little girl's room very special. The boys are getting very excited. They have each bought her little gifts for the hospital and they love looking at all her little clothes and shoes. It's a good thing I haven't organized any drawers yet because every couple days Luke takes all the clothes and blankets she has out of the dresser and lays them all on his bed to look at. They love laying on my tummy and talking to her.
My lastest conclusion about this little girl though is this... "She must be a fiesty little red head" Andy doesn't agree, but that's only because he has redish/blondish hair himself. We have both always thought it would be great to have a little girl or boy with daddy's color hair. I love Andy's hair color and he is very proud of his "red headedness." I came to this conclusion in the shower yesterday as she was stabbing me (it's not even gentle pokes). This little girl is a mover and she doesn't do it gracefully. She makes my entire belly move and it actually hurts quite a bit when she pokes herself all over. She definately moves with some attitude, so I came to the conclusion that maybe she will be my firey little red-headed girl.
Anyways, we are so excited to meet this little girl. Andy is going to be a great daddy to his little girl. He is a bit nervous though. Last night at dinner he said he only has a couple more weeks until he has to start holding his breath for the next however many years until this girl finds a great husband who will sweep her off her feet and treat her like a princess. He also said "bring on the gray hairs and more heart palpitations (for those of you who don't know, he has been having some irregular heart palpitations that the doctors have been testing). I assured him that our little girl would be well protected between her daddy and her two older brothers. I am so excited to see this new daddy daughter relationship form!!!
Well, I thought I'd update you about our little girl and give her a little spotlight on our will come soon.

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Surfer Boy Andrew...

This was Andrew's creative activity of the day....he was zooming around the backyard in his firetruck, with his mask and snorkle on, his surfboard in the back (which is actually a kickboard), and his mini lawnchair on top of his truck. He would say to Luke, "Excuse me Luke the surfer boy is coming through." Once he arrived at his plastic pool he would lounge in his chair and then jump on his board in the water. There actually wasn't even water in the pool today, but he did a good job pretending.

Luke sat in the chair watching his silly brother "surf." We invested in a new plastic pool yesterday from a garage sale and between yesterday and today it has been worth the whole $3.00 we spent on it.
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This is Andrew waking up from his nap with two of his favorite things (for the time being), his snorkle mask from grandpa and his Care Bear. He has a new obsession with the Care Bears. He got this one for Easter and he is working on trying to collect them all. He also is very into snorkles, so much that he decided months ago that his 4th Birthday party was going to be a "snorkle party". I am having to be a little creative with this theme, but he really wants t snorkle with all his friends in our backyard pool (which is a little plastic one from Wallmart). It should make for some funny pictures.

Luke also loves snorkles and already talks about his snorkle party for his birthday. December is a great month for snorkling, so his party should be a hit!!! He hasn't quite mastered putting the mask on the correct way yet.
Luke lounging in the backyard...we have had beautiful weather lately and have been enjoying our yard, which is blooming with so many flowers. You can see in the backround our Wisteria vine that we share with our neighbors. It has these beautiful purple flowers on it for a couple weeks of the year. It loks so nice out our back windows and it smells great too.
Luke posing for me to take his picture.
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Luke Loves his Baby & Hiding Kisses

Luke found one of my old Cabbage Patch Kids the other day in baby sister's closet. He loves taking care of her and feeding her lollipops. Hopefully he will be this sweet with his new sister, but won't give her candy. The picture in the middle is him showing me where my kisses are hiding. Everytime I ask him for a kiss he says it's hiding in his tummy. Once in a while I can tickle it out of him, but most the time he keeps it hiding.
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