Monday, June 30, 2008

Allie in her SWIMSUIT

Last Saturday we put Allie in hwe swimsuit for the first time...ADORABLE!!! She was so stinkin' cute in it.

Brothers keeping busy in the pool with fishing poles and pirate ships.


Two words sum up our little Lukey James...FOOD & NAKED. These pictures sum him up perfectly. I found him one morning stripped down and standing on the stool eating a special cake that Oma had brought to our house. He was eating it with a toothpick and enjoying every bite. He has no guilty feelings, he just looks at me like everything he is doing is perfectly fine. We are having a very difficult time with Luke keeping his clothes on. The neighbors and the UPS man probably think this boy doesn't own any clothes because he frequently strips down and runs up and down the street. He does have a cute little body and it is super tan, but not everyone appreciates a naked 2 year old running around. Hopefully we outgrow this phase soon.
Mr.Mischief..can you tell from this smile

We love you Luke James!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008



Kate & Allie

Here are these two precious little cousins. In this picture Kate is 4 weeks old and Allie is 3 weeks old. It is a rare occasion to get them in a picture together because we always seem to be chasing after their older brothers and sister. They are so cute and we can't wait to see them grow up together.


Happy Father's Day

We had a very nice Father's Day and we loved making the day special for daddy. Andy is the greatest daddy and I appreciate the excitement and the love he has for our three kiddos. The boys helped me plan a day filled with some of Andy's favorites. We got him Starbucks to start the day and made cinnamon roles. After church the boys chose to take him bowling and then to Baja Fresh for lunch. The boys did a great job bowling. Andrew got his first strike and Luke bowled for his very first time. Allie and I enjoyed cheering them on. We then headed home for naps and then we were off to grandpa and grandma's house to swim. It was a great day!! We love you Daddy sooooooo much!!! XOXO

Monday, June 23, 2008

We are still here....

We are still here and keeping busy. I haven't figured out how to post pictures from my new computer so hopefully one day soon there will be a lot of new pictures and posts.
The boys are keeping busy, Allie is growing and is the cutest girl around, I am enjoying summer vacation with my kiddos, and we are anxiously waiting for daddy to finish up work on Thursday. We have some fun things planned for July with hopefully pictures will be coming soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Prince Andrew

Is this kid handsome or what?Today Andrew went to his first big kid birthday party where we got to drop him off and we didn't have to stay with him. It was his friend Lauren's 4 th birthday and she had an amazing princess party. There were about 15 little girls all dressed like princesses and then Andrew and his friend Spencer were the lucky boys who got to hang out with all the ladies. He had a great time at Lauren's house, which was beautifully transformed into a princess castle.
Prince Andrew and Princess Lauren
Watch out ladies....Andrew's new hairstyle is a mohawk

Kisses for Sissy...

Daddy loves his little girl soooooo much
Here is our cute little Allie girl who is starting to be awake more and more each day!
Kisses from Luke...she gets about 50 of these a day
Kisses from Andrew...he always calls her sissy
Our three kiddos...all being a little silly

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Year Down...

Andrew had his last day of 3 year old pre-school today. He had a wonderful first year of school. We were blessed with two great teachers and a class of kids that had so much fun together. We had a class birthday party, since most of the kids birthdays are in the summer. His teacher made them books with some of their artwork from the year and she put together a special ABC book for them. He also got his very first report card and we are happy to report that he did awesome and earned all G's (which stands for GOOD..the highest mark they could get). He is going to miss his friends over the summer, so we took a lot of pictures and he is going to hang them in his room to look at all summer long. We can't believe we already have one year of school under our belt, how time flies!!!Andrew with Mrs.Hankins
Andrew being silly with Mrs. Millspaugh
Jake, Wade, Nick, Drew, & Andrew...these five boys are great buddies and have had so much fun together....they're only a little bit of trouble when they all get together :)
Andrew and his great buddy Nick
Andrew and Jake...these two clicked the very first day of school and have been best buds since

Allie is 2 weeks old...

Our little girl just turned two weeks old. She is doing great and is pretty much a happy baby most of the time. We are adjusting to our family of five well. The boys still can't get enough of their sister and they are amazed everyday by the little things she does. They are anxious for her to begin doing more things though. Today Luke wanted to teach her to run and it took about 10 minutes to explain to him why she couldn't run yet. Our bible study surprised us with a cake and some goodies the other night for little Allie. When we brought the cake and balloons home the boys insisted that we sing happy birthday to Allie before we had a piece, so we sang to Allie while I held her over the leftover piece of pink cake. It was a cute little moment. I do need to take more pictures of her though. I think by this time in Andrew's life I had a whole photo album filled up and I haven't even made it to the store to develop any of Allie's pictures. I promise after school ends this week I'll take more photos of our precious girl!!!

Visiting with Uncle Ken and Aunt Sandy.

Cousin NOAH comes to town

Pake and Oma with all 4 grandkids...we can't say grandsons anymore
Pake & Oma and Allie
Aunt Christy with Allie...she loved to hold her and she was a great help in taking care of her and loving on her.
I thought this was so precious on Sunday morning...all three boys watching cartoons and Andrew sharing his bean bag with Noah. Luckily all our kids are early risers, so when everyone was up by 6:30a.m. we didn't disturb anyone. We all managed to be ready for 9a.m. church early!!!
We can't wait to make a trip out to Noah's house sometime soon!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kayak Adventure for the Boys

Luke and Uncle Paul
Daddy and a nervous little Luke.
Andrew and Uncle Paul. Andrew was very proud of himself for paddling.
Andrew enjoying a ride on the hydro bike

Sleepy Girl

This is what Allie does best.....sleep
The boys get very excited to see her open her eyes. She gets cuter by the day and we all love to give her kisses and squeeze her.
The boys love this little girl so much. Our biggest problem so far is that they smother her a bit and enjoy getting very close to her for kisses, back rubs, or to count her little eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. She is one lucky little girl to have Andrew and Luke for big brothers.

Donuts with Daddy

On Tuesday Andrew had Donuts with Daddy day at pre-school. Andy got to go with him to school and they enjoyed donuts together and Andrew gave him a special gift he had made him for Father's Day. Andrew dressed up in one of his handsome new shirts from T.T. and Jesse. He also helped dress Allie up and he proudly took her to introduce to his class and his teachers. He was so excited to show her off. Luke dressed up just because everyone else was.

Auntie Comes to visit...

T.T. came from Nashville to visit the new babies. The boys always love it when she comes. She even stayed the night at our house and spent the whole night feeding and snuggling Allie (daddy and mommy actually got to sleep...YEAH!!!). We can't wait for her to come visit again in a couple weeks.
Auntie with her two new nieces....Allie Marie & Kate Marie
One of these days we will get some pictures of these girls together!!!

Camo Girl

We love our little girl so much!!!!