Thursday, April 22, 2010

PigTail Girl!!!

Allie has started wearing her hair in pig tails and she is loving it. She always points to her hair and attempts to ask me to put her hair up. The other night after her bath she wanted all her 4th of July rubber bands in, so we had a little hair party in her room. Of course she has to pose for pictures after her hair gets done. She choose the little red table for these pictures and she was hiding behind it! Love this girl!!!

Luke's Pre-School Zoo Field Trip

We headed to the Sacramento Zoo today with Luke's pre-school. We had a lovely day hanging out with his buddies Jacob and Keegan. We were able to do what we would like, so we walked around with Luke's buddies and their parents. The boys had a great time seeing the animals and running around. The reptile house and the chimps were Luke's favorite. He woke up early this morning and said, "I got up early mom, so I wouldn't be late for my field trip." When we got home I overheard him tell Andrew, "oh, Andrew, it was really really cool." I think he was excited and enjoyed his time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Run Rocklin

It was a beautiful Sunday morning to participate in Run Rocklin....A group of girls who have been working very hard and running on Saturday mornings since the fall all finished!!! It was a special day for me because I love running and I love to see my friends run, and actually begin to enjoy it. I was so proud of each of them finishing!! This was also a great event because it was through a beautiful neighborhood and there were so many people from the community, that it was fun to see so many familiar faces. All our kids played together while they waited for us to finish and a big Thank You to the dads who chased them around!!!

Just a Glimpse....

of what we have been doing around the house lately...painting and building "wars" with all the toys in the hallway!! I love my little creative minds!!!

A Special Visit with Good Friends..

Eddie and Sally came to visit last weekend because Sally was running in the American River 50 Mile Race. YES....50 miles!! It was great to have them and their kids here and we loved cheering Sally on. I had the priviledge of pacing her for 15 of the 50 miles. I ran a 5 mile stretch and then the final 10 miles with her. The course was beyond beautiful. It runs along the American river where everything is green, the hills are blossoming with flowers, and it was so quiet. Sally and I had a great time chatting and enjoying the scenery during the last 10 miles. She did awesome and was the 8th girl and finished 37th overall, out of 700 runners. The dads were troopers and brought the kids to 5 different spots to cheer Sally on and drop me off. The kids loved running by the lake and river and finding many adventurous things to do. Our good friends the DeJongs were also at the finish line to cheer us on and they made us a great big congratulations banner that hung on our garage when we got home!!!
On the Friday before the race Sally had a pasta dinner at the CSUS Aquatic Center, so we took the kids down there to do some kayaking. It was a beautiful evening and the kids loved being out there.
We are so blessed to have friends like the McRaes and it was a special weekend to share with them!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our LOVE Bug

Luke has an amazing heart!!! He is always thinking about others and is very kind to his brother and sister. We always find ourselves laughing and smiling at what he says. Here are some of his latest...
"this is weird mom, we go to the same church as grandpa and grandma, but we go to different Targets." me the other day when I dropped and broke my favorite cup.." it's ok mom, I'll give you some of my money from my piggy bank to buy a new one." off he ran and brought me back a handful of change
"it is such a beautiful day"
"great job Andrew Paul"
"oh dang it mom, I could have brought Allie's new wand for the letter W today"

Just love this boy and we have been very excited to see him coming out of his shell lately and really starting to interact with others more. Love you Lukey James!!!

Pake and Oma Visit

Today Pake and Oma drove up to watch the boys baseball game. It was great to have them here for the game and to hang out after for dinner. We are going to miss them when they move away this summer to Kansas City!!

Happy Easter

Although it was rainy and wet on Easter Sunday we had a nice day. We went to church on Saturday evening and then had my family over for dinner. We did all our dressing up on Saturday night. On Sunday we went to church and worked in the kid's classes. After church we went to grandpa and grandma's house for lunch and an egg hunt. It was miserable weather with wind and rain. We ended up doing the egg hunt upstairs in grandpa and grandma's house because it was soooo wet. The kids enjoyed the free thunder sticks grandma got for free at the Kings game...all of our heads were spinning, but they enjoyed them a lot. Allie was very into her Easter hat (which was actually Lauren's). She also wore her first pigtails on Saturday night when TT did her hair for her. I love my little Easter bug and enjoyed our special day together.