Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sink Baths, Self Given Haircuts, & much more...

Well...what an evening we had....Andy got home at 5 tonight from work and then I got home at 5:30 from work with Andrew (he came to a couple meetings with me today). Grandma was with Luke and Allie at our house. It all started when I walked grandma out to the car..we came in and Luke said that andrew's hair was floating in the bathroom sink...in comes Andrew with a big chunck of hair missing from the front of his head (I started laughing...it looked so silly), Andy said let's go buzz your head, Andrew starts throwing a huge fit and hiding under his bed, the bathroom sink is broke and the drain will not open so the sink sits full of hair and water, finally Andy gets Andrew down to the shower and starts buzzing his head through the screaming, the shower is now full of hair, in the bath Andrew goes with his new haircut, the boys start freaking out because of all the little hair floating in the bath tub, Andy washes them up and gets them out of the tub and PJ's on. Meanwhile I am trying to feed a fussy Allie and then put her in the kitchen sink for a bath. We have been putting her in the sink for a bath lately and it works great. I am able to use the othe side of the sink to do the dishes and clean up and in the case of tonight make the boys dinner. So Allie is in the sink, I'm making dinner right next to her, she is full of it....she reaches up and pulls the Valentine decorations that are on the counter above her into the water, I move that, then she somehow reaches over and pulls the entire knife set into the water, I scream...how did she even move that slab of wood full of sharp knives, I move that (luckly no injuries), she then reaches into the other side of the sink and starts playing with the fry pan that is full of water and scrambled eggs (disgusting) and she is trying to eat the eggs that she is catching, I wash her up and get her out so we have no more mishaps....now we ahve 3 kids fed and ready for bed...Andy is fixing the bathroom sink full of hair, I'm reading to Andrew, feeding Allie, and asking Luke just to sit down and listen to the story...Andy gets the sink fixed with the encouragement and excitement of the boys and goes to turn on the kitchen garbage disposal, it's making a horrible noise and it's broken...kids all get in bed, the kitchen sink is waiting until tomorrow and a tired daddy and mommy are relaxing on the couch. Just a fun night in the Vandy House!!!

Potty Training...

Luke is officially out of diapers!!!! We use pull ups for sleeping time and still have our fair share of accidents, but there's no turning back now. He is so independent that he wants to do it all himself, which makes for some nice messes. He is very proud of himself. He was teaching his friend Jacob the other day how to go in the potty. He says, "Ok Jakey, how bout you put on some big boy pants, here's 2 pair, I'll help you." So he helped him put on some undies and then gave him a blow by blow lesson in the bathroom. I got some of the lesson on video tape, which I'm sure we'll laugh at down the road.

Allie & the boys

We watched Allie's buddy Austin last weekend and of course him and Allie had a blast playing and then falling asleep like good babies. Little Als is always full of smiles and extreme excitement around her daddy and her brothers. She is so stinkin' cute!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

some BRAVE kids in the SNOW...& lots of pictures

It was a beautiful day up in the mountains today....we headed up early this morning with friends to spend the day sledding. It was super icey, but that didn't stop our kids, they had a blast. They rode the sleds for about 20 minutes and then they started climbing this huge hill..check out the picture, it was gigantic. They ended up sliding down the hill on their bottoms & then their tummies and they were flying over bumps and going so fast. I went to the top and attempted to slide down with Luke, but I chickened out...it was so steep and very slippery. They climbed the hill so many times, they were pooped out by the time we left. They love their friends and always have a great time with them. We enjoyed snacks, hot chocolate, and donuts. Mark made a mini snowman, which the kids enjoyed holding in their hands and Mike surprised us all by pulling 2 one dollar bills out of the porta potty (GROSS)...fun times!!!

Allie is so excited to be with daddy and mommy

Last year we took a picture like this holding Luke and Jacob and these 2 little ones were in our tummies

Mike video taping himslef going down the hill
Daddy & Luke
this was the hill...when we got there we joked about who was going to go down it, guess it didn't scare our kids

Andrew with the little snowman

Luke & Abigail

Andrew sliding down

their first slide all together..Sheena was bringing up the rear and Spencer & Mark were leading..I love how Andrew is holding on to Lauren

Surprise...Luke was eating the snow

Andrew and Lauren

the two little pumpkins hanging out in the snow

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lazy Morning..

can you tell we are being lazy this morning and staying warm inside? I love these days with my little ones!!!

The Bachelor...

I am not a big TV watcher, but for some reason I always get hooked on The Bachelor...yes I know it is so cheesy and silly, but I love it. Christina is also an avid fan and we are forcing Sheena to be a fan as well. The new season started last night, so we enjoyed it all together in our jammies. Of course we made Andy take some pictures of us to document us acting like little high school girls getting all giddy about the drama of the show, with a roll of his eyes he snapped a few pictures and then headed off to bed. Can't wait until next Monday girls....

1st Snow Trip of the Season

Having fun with the Snow

We headed to the snow last Saturday with the whole family...it was a little icy, but the boys still had a blast and Allie enjoyed her first trip to the snow. She spent a lot of time in the warm car with grandma, but she did venture out for a sled ride with Lukey. The boys are so excited to have Uncle Paul, Aunt TT and Uncle Jesse here to do things with. Luke was very brave this year and played the whole time in the snow, which was a big improvement from last year. We can't wait to head up to the snow again, it is beautiful and such a fun way to spend the day.

He's Amazing...we love him so much

Daddy went back to work yesterday and we already miss him so much...he is amazing and we thought we would let him know how much we love him and appreciate him, so here you go daddy....Thank you for...making lego command centers for hours with Andrew, playing on the floor with the kiddos, grocery shopping with Allie (she loves daddy time), keeping the laundry going (you're way faster than mommy), raking all the leaves with the boys, driving us all the way to LA, letting mommy sleep a little longer in the morning, helping the boys get ready in the mornings, getting our fire safe box put together, taking us out to eat, helping Luke go to the big boy potty, and the list could go on and on.
We appreciate all the help when you are home daddy...mommy loves having four hands instead of two!!! We are so blessed to have such an amazing daddy, we LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!