Saturday, September 19, 2009

TITAN Soccer Games...Andrew's 1st GOAL

One Happy Boy after His FIRST GOAL....

Soccer has begun. We are two weeks into the season. Game #1 was a difficult one, so I didn't blog about. I knew this week might be better, so I thought I would wait. Let's just say the other team was very good and Andy and I let our competative side get the best of us. Anyways, today was great and super fun. The Titans did great and really grasped the rules of the game. Andrew did awesome. He had asked me to not yell as loud this week, so I really tried to control myself, but trust me it is hard, I can't believe I'm "one of those parents" Grandpa, Grandma, Pake, Oma, and Aunt Lily were all there to cheer Andrew on. He scored three goals in the game....and he was one excited boy!!! He started the game with about 8 shots on goal that were either picked up by the goalie or he just missed the goal. He was a determined boy to get that ball in the net. The kids are so cute and so much fun to watch. We are very excited for the rest of the season!!! Thanks to Aunt Lily for taking pictures for me today.

Coach Dave warming up with the kids

Allie enjoying the teams half time snack

um....interesting soccer move Andrew

after his first goal

Cousin Ben gets Titan the Elephant

After game #1 with buddy Jake

I love this one of Sam...he is so cute!!

Our Mode of Transportation

Between Kindergarten and Soccer, we have been able to do a lot of riding and walking. Both school and soccer practice are within a half a mile of our house so we walk and ride a lot. We just got this bike trailer at a garage sale, so I can pull Luke and Allie. The beach cruiser isn't the best when going up a hill and I have no gears, but I'm getting a workout. We still have the bike seat attached and one day last week I actually had Luke in the bike seat and Allie and Spencer in the bike trailer on the way to school. We got some pretty crazy looks as I pulled my brood of children behind me. I made Andrew take our picture on the way to soccer the other day because I want to remember times like this when my kids are older and driving themselves around town. We bring the soccer goals to practice, so I threw those over my shoulder and had the bag of balls on my back....I love not having to always load in and out of the car and we enjoy the morning and evening walks and rides.


Luke's class has started sharing and they bring a sharing item that represents the letter of the week. This week was the letter "B". After Andrew came up with many toys Luke could bring that started with "B", Luke was insistent that he bring "Baby" his little blue blanket. He was very excited to show his class and I think he loved that fact that his little security blanket got to come to school with him for one day.

2 LoveBugs

These 2 love each other so much....Allie is Luke's little girl and he is constantly calling her sweetie, honey, and my little cutie. He loves giving her hugs and looks out for her every need. He is an AMAZING BIG BROTHER!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Girl with 2 Older Brothers...

she makes some great car and truck noises...

Daddy's Lunchbox

...this is what Allie does when Daddy gets home from work and mommy empties his lunchbox...guess he didn't want his apple!!

Luke Rides His Bike

Luke took off on his bike the other night. He was very proud of himself and we were very proud of him too. He's been working on it for a while and has been preferring his scooter or hotwheels. Great Job Lukey!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today was the first Michigan Football game. Our friend's the Jetts came over to watch the game. They are huge Michigan fans as well, so it makes it fun. Allie and I thought we would join in the festivities so we got all ready with our Michigan gear. The boys put their shirts on before the game started and I didn't get any other pictures. This will be a regular Saturday activity, so I'm sure there will be many more chances for pictures in our gear. Yeah...they won their first game...we have one happy daddy!!!

Just another Saturday Morning

It was a cool fall-like Saturday morning today. There are a lot of Saturday mornings where by 9a.m. all the kids end up out front playing. We finally stopped making a big to-do-list for Saturday morning because it never seems to get done. Today was like many other Saturdays...all the kids start coming out to play and the adults hang out and talk, and maybe the dads take turns mowing lawns. We usually end up playing right up until lunch time. A lot of Saturdays we end up eating all together out front. Today I made the kids lunch and we had a picnic in the garage. Even though we get very little done on Saturday mornings I love just hanging out with neighbors and friends and letting the kids play.

Why This Makes Me Smile...

Our Luke has an awesome heart.....he is honestly always thinking of others (mainly his brother & sister at this point). Last year he bought this Goofy stuffed animal at a garage sale for daddy. He let Andrew keep it on his bed with all his other Disney stuffed animals, but every so often I come into our bedroom to find this...Goofy sitting on our bed by daddy's pillow. Sometime this afternoon Luke must have seen Goofy on Andrew's bed and thought about giving it to daddy to sleep with. When I walked in our room tonight I was met by Goofy and it just made me smile...thinking of my little thoughtful guy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today was Finally LUKEY'S Day....

He started pre-school feels like he has been ready for a while, but I can't believe we already have 2 kids in school. Yesterday was a rough day with mischevious behavior, due to nerves I think. This morning was a little rough, despite his special table set and lots of encouraging words and hugs. Andy and I were both prepping ourselves for a rough drop-off. We took Andrew to school and then took Luke to The Nugget to get one of his favorite bagels. When we arrived at school he was a little clingy, but took a couple pictures and then headed to his classroom. To our complete surprise he settled right in and we said our goodbyes in the first 10 minutes of class. There was no crying, no hanging on me or Allie, or no silly/random behavior. Andy and I left very surprised, but so relieved that he was fine. When I picked him up, Mrs. Restori said he had a great day and he was all smiles. It was fun to hear about his day and the special things he did. As usual he was very thoughtful and gave Andrew the piggy bank he painted, said a poem he made was for me and Als, and colored another picture for Allie. We celebrated by going to the jelly belly store with his buddies Jacob and Jack. He was very proud of himself and told me over and over again that he didn't even cry.
We love you so much Lukey James and even though I'll miss my little buddy at home 2 mornings a week I can't wait to see you grow, learn new things, make new friends, and enjoy your pre-school years!!!
The First Day of School Outfit....Luke has his own style and likes only a select few pieces of clothing. He loves his soccer shorts, so grandma helped us find a couple new pair for the school year. I was feeling bad because Andrew got to pick out new school clothes and Luke always told me "I'm fine with mine at home" Yesterday I took him to Target in the morning and let him choose a shirt. Yes...I let go of my desire to see him in one of his handsome collared shirts and cute shorts go by the wayside and I wanted him to choose something he really liked. The whole time we were shopping he kept telling me "I'm just finding Andrew some new shirts for school." He found 2 blue shirts with old cars on it that he really liked, but he made sure they would also fit Andrew. When we picked Andrew up he said, "Look brother I got you a new shirt." His little giving attitude will serve him well in life. So for his first day he proudly wore his blue car shirt and navy soccer shorts with Andrew's old blue crocs (because that's what was comfortable), and yes he did wear underwear (he often doesn't like putting them on, but thankfully today there wasn't an issue. He looked cute and very LUKEY!!! I love his care free attitude!

Our normal silly pictures

Best Buddies...saying goodbye before heading to their classes