Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kindergarten Halloween Party

Our Race Car Driver had his class party on Friday. I was able to help out at the party and it was so fun to see all the kids in their costumes. We did a couple crafts and decorated cookies and ate yummy food. Andrew also got to introduce me to his 5th grade buddy Casey. We are really loving kindergarten these days and we especially our loving Andrew's teacher Mrs. Ayala. She is so great and such an encouragement to the kids.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Luke's First Field to the Pumpkin Patch

Luke had his first pre-school field trip this week. We headed out to the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day, but very freezing cold and windy. Luke had a great time with his buddies Jack and Keegan and it was fun to see other friends throughout the day. It was great to be able to go with just Luke and enjoy some one on one time with him. He loved finding a HUGE pumpkin for Andrew and small one for himself. I had to make a quick stop on the ride home at the dollar store because Luke really wanted to bring Allie and Andrew home something. A dollar store toy was much cheaper than a pumpkin patch souviner. I love my little thoughtful gift giver!!!

On the Dirt Bike Again...Finally

Last Saturday we finally got Andrew's dirt bike out again. It was broken and took a long time to find the part and then we wanted training wheels, so Andy finally found some. We went down the street to an open field area and Andrew finally got to ride again. The training wheels didn't fit well, as Andrew will tell you, "they are for a Honda, and this bike is not a Honda." So daddy is back on the hunt for the proper training wheels. Andrew did great though and he was very very excited and proud of himself. His first ride almost ended in disaster. He gave it lots of gas and headed over a small hill for a pond. Luckily he fell over before getting to the water. The bike landed on top of him, but he was yelling from underneath, "I'm OK guys." The back wheel was spinning on his back, so it was a good thing he was wearing a chest protector. After that he did great. Luke even rode a little with daddy by his side. Allie wishes she could ride, but for now she just watches with mommy.


The Flower Farm and Pumpkin Party

A couple Saturdays ago we headed out to the Flower Farm in Loomis. We love this place. We happened to get there when there was a pet parade, so the kids were very entertained by the dogs dressed up in costume. After wandering around the farm we headed back to grandpa and grandma's house to eat lunch and decorate pumpkins. It was fun to have Great Grandma G there to watch and enjoy the kids.

I Reason I LOVE Rainy Days....

Hot Chocolate in the afternoon with my BOYS!!!