Monday, May 23, 2011

Andrew Celebrates "7"

Oh my Andrew..this year of being 6 was a stretching and challenging year for you. I am very excited (but also sad) that your 7th Birthday has arrived. I can't believe that you are already 7...We celebrated on Sunday afternoon at a local park with some of his friends from school, church, and our family. The boys rode scooters, climbed in trees, and played sports. They are an easy group to please. We had sandwiches for lunch and a bunch of Andrew's favorites (powerberries, snap peas, Whoppers, and Gatorade). They played a game of soccer and divided teams up by "shirts" and "skins". Of course our little Allie decided to be on the skins team, unlike her brothers. She had no problem getting out there with the boys. She is one crazy and confident girl. It was a beautiful afternoon at the park and I always love watching Andrew play with his friends. Happy Birthday Andrew baby...I love you lots!!!

Allie turns 3

We celebrated Allie's birthday on Friday night May 20. We are going to be camping on her birthday so we celebrated early. We had family, neighbors, and friends over for cupcakes and activities. Allie has been talking about her "titty" party for months. We loved hearing her talk about it. I'm not too into cats, but we found some cute kitty stuff. We made her playhouse into a kitty and dog hospital, painted wooden kittens, played with flubber, and with ice sculptures. Allie loves playing with all the bigger girls who are Andrew's age. Andrew's baseball team ended up having a playoff game at the same time of the party, so daddy and Andrew had to miss the party. We missed them, but were very glad that Andrew got to play in his last game. Allie loved opening gifts this year. She kept saying, "sit down kids, it's my birthday." She also stood on the picnic table showing off every gift. She had to make sure everyone saw her gifts. We had a great evening celebrating our little girl. She is at a very fun age and we are constantly laughing at her and I can't get enough of her wonderful squeezes and kisses. Love you Allie Marie!!!

Happy Birthday Dinner

Friday night we headed to Skipolini's for a birthday dinner to celebrate Andrew and Allie. We were having Allie's party at our house that night so we thought we would enjoy a nice dinner out. We gave Allie her bike before we left and the boys were very excited that their sister got a Tony Hawk bike that even has pegs. It was a relaxing dinner outside on the patio with my family!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My sweet hubby and kids spoiled me again this Mother's Day. We went to Plutos for dinner on Friday night to celebrate. Sunday morning Andy and Luke made me homemade crepes and brought them to me in bed. My favorite part was...Luke runs down the hall to ask what I want on my crepe, so I say butter and jelly. I hear him run back down the hall and say, "dad, she wants butter and chili on her crepe." I laughed in bed, but continued to act like I was resting while my boys made breakfast. We then enjoyed a nice morning at church, went to Green Acres and Whole Foods, cam home for lunch, snuggled with my boys and watched a movie, and then had my family over for dessert. It was a very low key day, which was very nice. Our month of May is quite crazy, so a relaxing day at home is always great!! I love being a mom to my precious kiddos.