Saturday, May 30, 2009

The end to a great season...

The Warrior's season ended today with a late morning game and then a pizza party. We officially made it through our first sports season...and we loved it. Andrew had a great time playing t-ball and we had a great time cheering him on. Luke and Allie were great cheerleaders for their brother and they went to all his games. Although sometimes it gets challenging I love the idea of us going as a family to our kids sporting events. I want them to be encouraging and supportive of each other, plus it is fun to be all together watching the game and getting snacks from the snack bar :) Andrew got his first trophy which is a baseball glove for him to put his "game ball" in. He is very excited about his trophy. Great Season Buddy..we love you!

Andrew's 5th Birthday Puppy Party

Andrew wanted a puppy birthday party this year...he is the king of thinking of random themes for his birthday parties, but I love his creativity. He's kinda afraid of dogs, but still really loves them, so he wanted a puppy party. We invited a few neighborhood and school friends over to grandma and grandpa's house for pizza and swimming. The kids went on a hunt for real dog bones, but pretty much enjoyed swimming and playing basketball the rest of the time. Grandma had a cute puppy cake made for Andrew, which was adorable. Andrew chose what we had to eat and he picked pizza and rainbow sherbet..he's easy to please. It has been fun to see some of Andrew's friends each year at his birthday party, they are getting way too big. I think we have concluded our crazy month of May it's time to finish up the school year and then SUMMER!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Allie Marie

Our little girl is ONE today...she is our precious baby girl and we love her to pieces. We celebrated a couple weekends ago with her cousin Kate, so we had a low key day today. I took the kids to Davis to see daddy at his work Field Day, we headed home for much needed naps, we played on the new slip and slide in the backyard, and had a nice dinner. Allie got some new baby dolls and my parents gave her one of our old doll beds from my childhood. It was fun to sit on the floor with her and teach her to play babies. She likes to give he baby the bottle. Andrew and Luke also find these new girl toys very fascinating....Allie is a very special girl..she is a daddy's girl and is always looking for her two brothers. She will crawl around the house looking for them if she doesn't see them. They both love her so much. Luke is constantly caring for her, hugging her, calling her little princess, and comforting her. We can already see her little personality coming out. She gets so frustrated when her brother's smother her, but she loves them so much. I love having my little girl. It is fun to have one on one time with her and think about all the fun things we will get to do in the years to come as "the girls" of the house. We love you Allie have a precious smile and you constantly make us smile and laugh! Happy Birthday!!!

Andrew's #1 Fans

T-ball season is almost over. Andrew had a great time playing and we enjoyed watching him and cheering him on. We had these shirts made at the beginning of the season, but we finally just took a picture with them. Luke has one as well, but he didn't really like to wear it. Andrew's favorite position was being the catcher and he had some great hits off the coaches pitching. He was the first player to earn the game ball back in March. All the coaches sign a baseball and someone gets it at the end of every game. Andrew was the first boy on the team to get it. He proudly displays the ball in his bedroom and it is a highlight every game to see who gets the game ball.
We love you #11!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday ANDREW !!!!!

Our Dirt Biking Boy

Our little guy is 5 today…seriously where has the time gone. Five feels so old to me, he’s not a baby or a toddler anymore, he’s a BIG BOY…..We celebrated today by giving Andrew his present first thing when he woke up (he slept in until 8 today, which is very unlike him). He got a dirt bike and lots of dirt biking gear…he was very excited. I made him his favorite French toast and chocolate milk for breakfast, the boys loaded our trailer with the dirt bike and quad, I packed a picnic lunch, and we were off to attempt our first day riding. We drove out to Praire City State Park and found a great place to practice riding. Andrew suited up in all his gear and daddy helped him ride his dirt bike. He did great for his first time and daddy was a very patient and helpful teacher. Daddy also got a chance to drive the quad around and he began to feel more comfortable on it, the boys even got to take a ride with him. It was nice to go out as a family and learn how to use our new “toys” Luke as you can see in the pictures was not wanting to put his pants on, so he wandered around for a while with his undies, t-shirt, and chest protector on…gotta love that boy, he is one of a kind!!! We look forward to many more adventures and memories together out in the dirt!!!
Four was a great year for Andrew and we really loved this age as parents. He loves to use his imagination, play with hot wheel cars, play legos, cuddle with his stuffed animal friends, play Go Fish, run around outside, ride his bike, hike in nature, and play with his brother. He has a lot of energy and he is a go getter and a tough boy. He has a very kind heart and likes to do nice things for others. One of my favorite stories about Andrew just happened this past weekend…he had received a gift card for his birthday for Wallmart, which he treasured in his pocket for a whole day. I took him to Wallmart to pick something out and he chose a remote control car, a hot wheel car for him and one for Luke, and a ball for him and one for Luke. He had some money left on the card, so the next morning he tells Luke that he would buy him a remote control car with his gift card money. He said, “mom, I know he would really love one.” He went to Wallmart and let Luke pick out a remote control car and he bought it for him with his birthday money. I was so proud of my boy and how generous he was. He is great and we love him so much. He has a passion and excitement for life and he is so much FUN!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Ben!!!

We celebrated Ben's 5th Birthday with him yesterday (the 25th). He had a bowling party. The boys had a great time bowling, eating pizza and cake, and playing games. Happy 5th Birthday Cousin Ben...we love you!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


We stayed with grandma E this weekend..our kids love grandma and she always makes our stays so fun. She is so precious to us and we love her lots. Thanks Grandma E for all the spoiling and hospitality.

Aunt Kim Graduates from BIOLA

We headed to Southern California this past weekend to see Aunt Kim graduate from Biola. It was fun to walk around the campus again and show the boys all the dorms we lived in and talk about all the fun times we had in college. Andrew's little mind was racing trying to figure out the whole college life. He kept saying, "There are no daddy and mommy's that live here."
Congratulations KIM...we are so proud of all your hard work.