Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fruit & Veggie Week

It was our Fruit & Veggie Week for our summer themes. We had Breakaway, so we didn’t do much to go along with our theme, except on Wednesday. Daddy was out of town all week so thanks to family and friends we stayed very busy in the afternoons and evenings. Wednesday we headed down to Davis to our friend’s Pake and Bepe’s house. Lauren & Jacob’s Pake is a professor at UC Davis and knows a lot about fruit. He took us to a fruit field where we picked peaches and apricots. Andrew enjoyed picking the fruit and running through the trees, Luke wasn’t so into picking, but enjoyed throwing the old apricots with Jacob, and Allie rode on mommy’s back and then enjoyed eating many apricots during the picking. It was a very HOT day, but mommy enjoyed all the fruit we got to bring home. Christina made us dinner and the kids enjoyed the swimming pool after all the picking.
Can you tell Andrew is HOT? Luke and Jacob being silly as always!!!


This past week the kids and I went to “Breakaway” It is a gigantic VBS type camp at a local church. I led Andrew’s group with my friend Joy, so Luke and Allie were able to go as well. It was fun for Luke because he got to do a lot of the same things we did and he got to spend the whole week with his friend Cate…they love being together and are so cute. The theme was a western theme and our group was the yellow boots. Andrew and his friends from school were in our group and these boys sure do enjoy each other and have lots of fun together. Andrew and his friend Jake love to hug, so all week these two were hugging and running into everyone while they were embracing. It is fun to see my little guy building relationships and being silly with his friends. This church puts so much time into the week and the kids get to do amazing crafts, have songs and stories, and get some pretty yummy snacks. It was a tiring week, but lots of fun.

the entrance to BREAKAWAY...they really make the whole campus fit the theme

this is water day and for some reason these two were "too cool" to take their shirts off and get wet. They had a great time anyway just being silly!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love You DADDY..

Happy Father's Day to the greatest daddy in the world. We love you so much daddy and we are blessed to have such a loving daddy.
We celebrated Father's Day with both our dads last weekend while we were camping and then we walked to Chevy's last night for dinner to celebrate our daddy. We left him a big basket of goodies for his work trip this morning on the table with some new shoes as well. I got the boys up early and we went to get daddy his favorite Starbucks coffee, then enjoyed breakfast burritos together, and then headed to church. The kids and I made him a special hand print collage for his office, but for now daddy decided the living room wall is a great place for it.
We love you soooooo much Daddy!!!!

Allie was wearing her pretty pink skirt and her "daddy's girl" shirt to church this morning...she is a true daddy's girl!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We kicked off our first week of summer with a sports theme. Yes, I know some of you think I’m crazy, but we actually had a great week. My friend Christina and I made some crazy summer plans for us and our kids. We planned out themed weeks that include field trips, activities, crafts, pre-school workbook pages, a daily calendar, and much more. The boys love getting up in the morning and putting the new calendar number up and saying the weekly verse. Our plans written out on paper look crazy…and a bit overwhelming, but I have to say that our first week was a success. I didn’t complete everything on our weekly plan, but that wasn’t my intention. It was so nice to already have the ideas down on paper, it was only a matter of deciding what we wanted to do at a certain time. The boys get a little crazy come about 10:30 in the morning when Allie is taking her morning nap, so my folder of fun worksheets and ideas came in very handy to keep them occupied and busy, and I’m not gonna lie I love “playing school” with them in our summer classroom. So I tried to document our week and here are some of the things we did…checked mommy out of work for the summer ☺, went to the park a couple times with friends, roller skated, went swimming with friends, made gold medals, made sports themed cookies, spent a couple evenings with friends at frozen yogurt and music in the park, swam at grandpa and grandma’s house, went to Sun Splash with aunt TT, Luke has soccer, and we ended our week with a big tee-ball game at the park with friends and hotdogs. So our first week was a success, it was relaxing and fun at the same time. We can’t wait for our next 9 weeks of fun activities and plans.our summer classroom and craft/activity closet


Andrew & Jacob's idea of rollerskating

Luke & Ryan

sports cookies

watching a sports movie from the library with our friend Jacob, Allie loves getting on the couch with the boys

Allie loves to get in on the action, this is her idea of making bead necklaces

making bead necklaces one morning...Andrew loved making a necklace with each family members name on it and of course Luke made one with Allie's name

our soccer player

our beautiful gold medals

The BIG T-Ball game with friends
of course we had to take family pictures before the BIG t-ball game on Saturday

Nothin' like a good hotdog after a baseball game

17 little ones out on the baseball field...just a little bit of chaos, luckily we used wiffle balls

Allie is already for her turn

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping Trip to Morningstar Lake..SUMMER VACATION

The VandenAkker family's camping rig....
We made it through our first camping trip of the summer. We headed up to Morning Star lake on Friday night. It’s only about an hour away, so the drive was nice. We had a great site that was shaded and right on the water. The first night it rained, which caused some excitement in our tent, but by morning everything was dry. The boys were so cute when I was setting up the inside of the tent. They were jumping on mommy's new air mattress and yelling, "it's summer vacation, it's summer vacation." I mean they have endured so many years of school, that they definately deserve a summer vacation :) Saturday we had a very relaxing day. The boys rode the quad and both sets of grandparents came up for the day. Grandpa brought his new fishing boat, so the boys spent a good portion of the day out in the boat fishing. They were in heaven….the great outdoors, dirt biking, fishing, and roasting smores…what else could a boy want. It was fun to celebrate Father’s Day a week early with daddy, grandpa, and Pake. We made a special cake and gave them some picture collages that we made. It was so nice to be able to sit at the lake relaxing and do nothing. The only problem was that it was very chilly. Because our site was right on the water and fully shaded we kept getting a big breeze off the lake. We didn’t get the sun tans we thought we would, but were bundled up all day. Andy and I decided to make dinner and enjoy it by the lake with kids and then pack up and head home. The kids were so tired and we weren’t looking forward to another night freezing in the tent. We were planning on leaving Sunday morning, but were glad to get home to our warm beds a night early. The kids did great and absolutely love it. We will defiantly go back to this campground, it was close to home, clean, our site was huge, our tent was feet from the water, and it was shaded (which normally would be a great thing in the summer).

An in-and-out dinner on our way to the campground

our camp site

cutest girl ever....loving being outdoors all day

part of our camp site

the boys enjoying a ride

mommy and Allie waiting for the boys to get back

Andrew waiting his turn for a ride on the quad

Riding in grandpa's boat into

headed out for the first fishing trip

celebrating an early Father's Day with Grandpa, Pake, & Daddy..we made a special cake and picture collages to celebrate excited to see her brothers coming in from their fishing adventure
Riding in with Pake & Oma

S'more making on a chilly afternoon....Allie is taking over Andrew's chair

Luke loves his s'more

of course the creek became a cool bike riding spot for Andrew

Luke's "Douglas" monkey rides in the back of his chest protector

Oma takes a ride on the quad

Grandpa & Grandma with the boys and some of their fish from the day