Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our Halloween started with church and then a nice afternoon at home. We headed to hamburgers with friends and then met family at church for the Fall Festival. It was a wonderful turnout at church, but was a bit crazy with so many people. They had a helicopter drop candy in the parking lot. Allie was afraid of the noise, Luke got sad because it was too hard to get to the candy, and Andrew was our only happy camper. We decided with neighbor friends to head home for some trick or treating. It was much more relaxing to walk around the neighborhood to trick or treat. This was the first year that Allie really loved to run around with the big kids. The boys were very excited about all their candy. When they got home they separated their candy by color. I loved the colorful piles all over the family room floor. Happy Halloween!!

HALLOWEEN at grandpa and grandma's house

Saturday night grandpa and grandma had us over for dinner and to carve pumpkins. The kids dressed up in their costumes. Andrew decided to be a dirt bike rider, Luke wasn't too much into dressing up this year. At first he wanted to be a "clear person" which he told me was a person who wears their regular clothes. I took him to Kohls to look for a Halloween shirt and he found a Perry the Platapoose shirt. He was very proud of his shirt/costume and it was juts his style. Allie had 2 amazingly cute costumes this year, so she wore the piggy one that aunt TT got her on Saturday night. She was very very cute!! Thanks grandpa and grandma for a fun night! Cousin Ben was sick, so we missed the Sherman gang.


was a wonderful day! Andy, Mike, and some friends built our back fence. The kids and I stayed inside and helped with the fence a bit. It was rainy, so we watched some of the neighbor kids while their sisters played a soccer game in the rain. After our friends left we painted pumpkins. I had a wonderful day with the kids just hanging out at home, it's amazing how much you can get done when we just stay home for the day! Thanks daddy for building our fence!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mrs. Gack's Haloween Party

Friday I put on Andrew's 1st grade class party for Halloween. We started our party with a "hot pumpkin" game and the we started stations. We created 5 stations for the kids to do. They ate yummy fod, played pumpkin bowling, painted pumpkins, played with playdough, flubber, and other goop, and they made search & find bottles and relaxed on the cozy blanket. After stations we read a story and then went to recess. After recess we watched "Spookley" the movie and helped the kids make watery scary hands. IT was a fun party and I enjoyed getting to know the kids in Andrew' class better. Because it is a K/1 combo class I still haven't had a chance to get to know all the kindergarten kids. Thanks Andrew for letting mommy work in your class and put on a FUN party!!