Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Pumpkins

Allie and Kate hanging out in the pumpkins together. Heidi also jumped in with them. These girls are so lucky to all be close in age and to be able to grow up together.

The Flower Farm with the Family

The Flower Farm with the Family

Heidi and Grandpa
Aunt Jamey & Allie

Bishops Pumpkin Patch...once again

Luke picks flowers for Allie and I almost every day. He always says in the sweetest voice, "For you mama and for Als." He is definately a gift giver and for those of you who have read the 5 Love Languages is high on his list!!! He is precious!!

Our Little Gymnast

Luke and his friend Jacob started gymnastics this week. Luke is very excited to be involved in his own class. He was the most excited to tell Andrew all about it. Andrew is actually very excited for Luke too, he asked if he could miss school one day to go watch his brother. Luke and Jacob loved running around together in the gym. Jumping on the trampoline was probably his favorite thing to do. These two boys are both so stinkin' cute and they both have a little silly side to them that likes getting into mischief. When you watch them running around the gym together, you can see it all over their smiling faces. Luke wore is PJ set that TT gave him. I thought it looked like a cute outfit to wear to the gym. He looked very very cute!!!!

Our Little Tinkerbell..

Here is little Miss Allie in her Halloween can tell she really loves it. The boys picked it out for her a while ago at a garage sale. Thankfully it was only a dollar because it doesn't look like she is going to wear it for any length of time.
she loves pulling on everything and I mean everything she can get her little hands on

"Mom..what are you doing to me?"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Sunday with Pake & Oma

Pake & Oma came to visit this afternoon. We walked to the park, the boys built lots of things with legos, and we ended the evening by decorating Halloween cookies that Oma had brought. Luke really loved the you can tell from the picture.

One of many pictures Luke took, this one actually turned out pretty good.

Allie in Overalls...

she is so stinkin' cute...

HOPE walks

Saturday we did a walk called HOPE was a great time to help support kids in other countries who are suffering form the HIV virus. Andrew was a trooper and made the whole walk and Andy was a trooper and carried Luke on his shoulders almost the whole way.

Andrew and his friend Jake

What happens when Leslie babysits...

On Friday we got to have our friends Lauren and Jacob over for the day. We had a great time together and I got a taste of what having 5 kids is like...not actually too bad. The kids played outside and got covered in mud (Lauren was actually the 1st one to smear mud on her face), they all took a bath and wore Andrew and Luke's PJs for nap time, the little guys took naps, Lauren & Andrew had a campout in the playroom and played house, we had snacks, played outside some more, a put stickers on our bellies, ate dinner, and took more baths. It was a great day and the kids all did great together. We had to leave out a couple pictures because Lauren was just "being one of the boys" and she kept taking her shirt off to be like the guys..we figured they wouldn't be the best to post!!1