Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mommy's little pumpkins..first there was one...then there was

there is going to be three!!! The VandenAkkers are excited to tell you that baby number three is due to arrive at the beginning of June 2008!!! Andrew has been our spokesman and has had the job of telling everyone that "mommy has a baby in her tummy." He loves his job!! It has definately been a couple weeks of mommy feeling very yucky, but we are hoping this will all end soon. The boys are excited and Andrew keeps wondering when we have to go to the hospital. It might be a long 9 months for him.

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The Flower Farm

Andrew and Luke hanging out with their friend Eli. We went to a great place called the 'Flower Farm' to run around, see animals, and get coffee and smoothies.
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Andy's 10 year Class Reunion

We traveled to LA for Andy's class reunion at the end of September. It was a nice get away weekend for us as we left the boys with Oma and Pake in Merced. The boys had a great weekend and we also had a great and relaxing time. The reunion was very nice and it was nice for Andy to see some old friends from high school. It was great that our friends Kyle and Natalie were also there to hang out with. Natalie and I were able to hang out and talk while our hubby's chatted with old friends. The last picture is Andy and his best friend Marcus.

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Singing in the Rain

One of our first rainy days was a couple of weeks ago. Luke and Andrew got a new umbrella, so they thought it was great fun to run out in the rain and splash. I love Luke in this picture because he loves to pose for me and he did a great job propping the umbrella over his shoulder. The chocolate on his face is a normal occurance as well. I wish you could hear his little sweet voice saying "CHEEEEESE"
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Andrew in his GLORY!!

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I took the kids to a Safety Day. The boys were able to sit in firetrucks, street sweeper trucks, police cars, ambulences, and much more. This was Andrew's personal favorite getting to sit on a police motorcycle. He loves motorcycles (he already is making his mom worry). We had a great day and the boys were in heaven.
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