Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lake Tahoe Day Trip

We spent the day in Lake Tahoe yesterday with Paul and Kelsey. It was a very relaxing day on the water. We spent most of the day at a beach where the boys could play in the water, throw rocks, or float in the little boat. Allie was not feeling the best from her 2 month shots, so she spent most of the time sleeping on mommy's lap in the shade of the giant pine trees. The weather was beautiful. We ate a very good dinner at the restaurant that Paul works at and then finished off with some Hula Pie for dessert YUM!!! We stopped at another beach after dinner and let the boys play on the playground and run around on the grass by the water. By 7:00 we had the kids PJ's on, tucked them in their car seats, and Andy enjoyed our hour and a half drive home with 3 sleeping kids in the backseat.
I have been trying to get a picture of the three kids, but it's not too easy. This was our best one of the day. About 30 seconds after we took the picture poor little Allie spit-up all over the place..probably why she isn't looking the happiest in the picture.

Lake Tahoe

Little Allie sleeping on mommy's lap..what she did most of the day!!

Daddy and the boys in the chilly water

Andrew's silly face

Andrew's serious face...I love the pose

The boys with Paul & Kelsey

Lake Tahoe

trying to get a picture of all three kiddos

mommy relaxing in the boat while the boys paddle me around

Luke's serious picture

Luke's silly picture...I love this one!!

The boys eating lunch in the boat

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Day Fishin' with Grandpa & Daddy

The boys went fishing today with grandpa and daddy. Grandpa borrowed his friend's fishing boat. Andrew was very excited to be riding in "Ozzie's boat." They had good luck and caught 5 rainbow trout. The boys say that they look bigger than they do in the picture...I guess we will believe them. Andrew was pretty intent in watching his pole and learning about fishing from grandpa. Luke enjoyed eating snacks continually and throwing the worms into the water...luckily grandpa had bought two containers of worms. They were so excited when they got home from their adventure tonight, they ran in the house and rubbed their dirty fishy hands all over little Allie, who was all clean and in her PJs. They love her so much and they literally can't keep their hands off of her and they give her so many kisses. She is one lucky little girl to have 2 BIG brothers who love hr so much.
Thanks daddy for taking the camera and getting some great pictures for mommy & Allie!!!
Grandpa & Lukey
I love this one..Andrew very excited about his catch while grandpa looks on

Fishin with Grandpa

The boys with their fish

Thanks Grandpa for a great day fishin'

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Did It...Our 1st Camping trip as a family of 5

Thanks Daddy for taking us on a super fun camping trip. We appreciated all your hard work and for having so much fun with us.

Daddy & mommy with Allie on her 1st trip to the beach.We just got home from a great camping trip on the coast. It was great weather and a good relief from the hot and smokey weather we have been having at home. We spent two days in the Bay Area at a hotel because Andy had a work conference and then we headed over to the coast near Santa Cruz to set up camp. The boys loved it and kept busy the entire time. We went with our friends Greg and Emily and their 2 boys. The beach was a short hike from our campsite, but the kids enjoyed the hike. We took a hike to see the tidepools and the boys were so excited about the sea creatures. Allie was a trooper and did a good job despite being a little chilly. She decided her favorite place to sleep was in mom's sleeping bag with her. We are excited for many more camping trips, especially now that the boys bought a huge two room tent.

Camping Adventures

our little trooper Allie Marie...6 weeks old

Andrew catching hermit crabs

Andrew enjoyed rock climbing at the beach. He climbed up on this rock and wanted me to take a picture of him for T.T. & Jesse, grandma, and his friend here you go guys

chasing waves

the boys loved the tidepools

Camping Adventures

The boys at the tidepools

Our 1st camping trip as a family of 5

our campsite..the deck was great for the kids

daddy & his boys running on the beach

Andrew rock jumping

Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July morning. We planned our 1st annual neighborhood parade and pancake breakfast. The parade was so cute. We had between 25 & 30 little kids (most about 5 and under) and a lot of dads and moms. The kids all decorated their bikes, scooters, and wagons, and they were all decked out in their 4th of July colors. Andy led the parade around the neighborhood on his bike. He was a great sport and wore a very festive hat that the boys has picked out for him. After the parade we made pancakes out front and hung out in lawn chairs while the kids played. We all headed in for naptime and it then it will be off to grandma & grandpa's house with friends for swimming and a BBQ. HAPPY 4th of JULY

4th of July

Allie & mommy ready for the parade..we even decorated the Baby Bjorn
Our garage transformed into the pancake house

Luke decorating
Abigail & Luke ready to ride.
Last night the boys had a blast decorating their motorcycle and scooter.

4th of July

Andrew all ready to go on his Harley

Let the parade begin...Aunt Jamey carried the radio and we had "Only in America" by Brooks and Dunn playing

Andy led the parade on his bike with the flag and a special hat that the boys picked out for him
Gettin' ready to go
Obviously Andrew and Spencer are ready to go by the looks on their faces

4th of July

Spencer and Andrew marching around the street with their giant flags. Andrew kept marching around saying "Kingdom, Kingdom" something he picked up from vacation bible school a couple weeks ago.

Aunt Jamey & Luke
Hungry kiddos after the parade
Andy was the pancake chef outside and Mike was the chef inside...together they fed the neighborhood and they are looking into opening their own pancake restaurant. After everyone was done eating the dads used the extra pancakes as frisbees, the kids of course loved it
Speed demon Andrew leaving the parade in the dust...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Day in the Mountains...

The other morning Andy came home from bible study with the idea to go check out this lake that one of the guys in his study told him about. Since it is summer and we didn't have a lot going on we packed up and headed up the mountain toward Tahoe. About an hour up the road we found the exit for the lake and then ventured on a 3 mile bumpy dirt road to the lake. The lake is called Kelly lake and it was beautiful. The boys absolutely love doing things like this. We had a picnic lunch then headed off on a small little hike. Allie even made it on the hike strapped to mom in the Baby Bjorn. After our hiking adventure we played by the lake. At the end of the day we were all dirty, but we had a great time as a family. On the way home little Allie was fussy so we conviently stopped at one of my favorite ice cream parlors the little town of Colfax. We had giant ice cream cones and walked around the little old town that used to be a train stop, which the boys were so intrigued by. We got a little carried away with pictures because it was so beautiful (besides the smoke from all the fires) so there are quite a few posted. Andy and the boys all ready to go
Enjoying lunch in their new camping chairs
The boys made it to the top
Mommy with her three kiddos at the top of a giant rock
Allie enjoying her first hike..I love how she rests on her little hands
Mr.Mohawk man Andrew enjoying the scenary

Luke very excited with himself that he made it to the top
Our two little adventurers