Friday, July 31, 2009

Transportation Week

This week was our TRANSPORTATION week. The boys love cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, and just about anything that has to do with transportation so this was a fun week. We recouped from our vacation but we still ventured out on a couple field trips since it was daddy's last week of summer vacation. Wednesday night the boys and I spent 2 hours building car ramps with boxes from Costco. They got to stay up late so that we could build while Allie was already in bed. I love seeing the differences in my boys. Andrew neatly had all his cars lined up in his garages while Luke had his all randomly placed going many different directions. On Thursday we went to the Air Museum with Spencer and Abigail. The kids loved looking at all the planes and helicopters. There is a great park next to the museum so we played and enjoyed a picnic together. At home we played with trucks in dried beans (the boys love this activity), painted wood airplanes, and colored. Today we went on a fun bus trip to the mall. It was only about an 8 minute ride each way, but the boys thought it was cool. They couldn't wait to see what the inside looked like. We got lunch at the mall and of course visited the Disney Store and then made sure to catch our bus home. My favorite part of the ride was when I offered the boys some crackers for a snack. As I was opening them Andrew yelled, "No mom the sign says no snacks, look right there mom do you see the picture that says no snacks." My little rule follower...
This was a fun week to explore different types of trandsportation. I am loving doing these fun activities with the kids, especially the boys. They just love it!!!
the kiddos waiting to get into the museum

learning about ejection seats

going in the giant army helicopter
Allie exploring like a big girl..I love that little finger she always is pointing

The rocket ship park
playing in the dried beans with construction trucks
My little painters

Our family bus ride

lunch time at the mall
waiting for the bus home

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy's Litttle Girl

Allie is becoming more and more a daddy's girl. She smiles at him, runs to him, hugs him, quiets down when he sings to her, and feels so safe with him. I took these pictures at the wedding this weekend. She had just woken up and only wanted to be with her daddy. They are so precious together and I love them so much.

Aunt Kim & Uncle Albino

While down in Southern California we celebrated Aunt Kim’s wedding. We started out by taking Kim to PF Changs on Thursday night with just the girls. On Friday we got our nails done and had the rehearsal and dinner. Saturday evening was the wedding. It was in a beautiful park. Everything came together and the happy couple ended their special day with a big dance party with friends and family. Andy had the privilege of being the officient at the beginning of the wedding while his dad walked Kim down the aisle. I was a bridesmaid and the boys were the bell ringers. Grandma came along to help with Allie, and it was a great big help to have her there. Congratulations Albino and Kim!!! We are so excited to watch you begin this chapter of your life together.