Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Day of SUMMER... was our last day of summer...really tomorrow is but it is full of meet the teacher, first day prep, and early bedtimes. We have had an awesome summer and are bummed to see it come to an end. Today we wanted to just enjoy the we did!! We started off the morning with a run and then the boys went frisbee golfing with Will and Sam. Allie and I met them at the course and enjoyed watching the boys share their love of frisbee golf with their friends. After frisbee we got the bike tires fixed for our first day of school ride and then relaxed a bit and played a mean game of Battleship. After a long game of Battleship we rode bikes to get an afternoon ice cream treat! On our way home we rode through Ruhkala and peaked in all the classrooms. As we were leaving we saw they were posting the class lists (EXCITING TIMES PEOPLE). We saw the boy's class lists and we were very excited. We ended our evening with soccer practice, dinner, baths, and bedtime. A very exciting end to the day was when Luke was laying out his clothes for "meet the teacher" and he said, "mom, I think I'm going to wear a collared shirt." I stuttered a bit and said "ok, let's pick one out." This boy would live in his pJ's if I let him, but finds comfort everyday in sports shorts and t-shirts. I gave up the collared shirt battle quite some time ago. As usual, Luke surprised me and even picked out a pair of Andrew's dress shorts to wear with his collared shirt! Can't wait to see my handsome kindergartener tomorrow!! BYE BYE summer it's been GREAT!

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