Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

July 23-25….We LOVED Yellowstone. We took a longer way into the park and we were so thankful that we did. We were able to see so many animals. We even saw a grizzly bear, which was very exciting. As we drove through the park we would stop at different locations to check out the sites. We ended our afternoon in the west side of the park at a ranger station where the boys took a class to earn their Junior Ranger Badge. After their class we headed for our hotel in West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone was a cute little town filled with shops and restaurants. We walked to Buffalo Bills for dinner and then daddy decided it would be fun to drive out to the rodeo, so we did!! It was a small town Wyoming rodeo, but the kids thought it was great fun. On Sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed to see Old Faithful. Seeing all the geysers and mud pots was amazing. We hot to Old Faithful in time to see it erupt. After watching Old Faithful the boys completed all they needed to do to earn their Junior Ranger Badges. They went to the Ranger Station and got sworn in so they could get their patches. They were very proud of themselves. On our way back out of the park we stopped for a picnic lunch along the river. The kids thought it was great fun to run through parts of the river and feel the water rushing against them. We were very tired on Sunday so we headed back for rests, a swim, and then dinner. It was time for a good night’s rest. On Monday we woke up and headed to the park early. We went to see some of the mud pots and small geysers. This was a place Andrew really wanted to go and it was definitely worth the walk because it was very interesting to see. The mud pots were a bit stinky though, especially for Miss. Allie. After our stop we headed to the south end of the park to make our way to the Grand Tetons.

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